Pallet Compost Bin- Hill Helps Emptying


Introduction: Pallet Compost Bin- Hill Helps Emptying

most compost bins are on flat ground. our yard is hilly and we have a small (.25acre) yard. not much room. 

by cutting the sides at an angle to match the hill,  the compost bin is set into the hill, and level w the top of the hill.
it is anchored with metal stakes, and pieces of rebar driven into the ground. it is held together with coat hangers. 

you can roll a wheelbarrow up to the top / back side of it from the uphill side to fill it easily with yard waste.

 the lowest 2 boards in front come off so the oldest stuff at the bottom can be used in a small amount, or just dug out and thrown on top to turn or aerate it. to empty it, the whole front comes off, and it is easy to park a wheelbarrow edge just below it to load w compost.

sorry only 2 pics to show it, but i hope you dont need a step-by-step to build.  this just shows the overall design idea, as displayed by my very proud helper.



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    This is such a good idea. Simple but effective. :D

    (And seriously, how cute is she?!)

    1 reply

    Yeah, just right for the hill. and the plan is to have the ivy grow on the sides to help it blend into the yard. And yes she is not only a cutie but a good helper. How many 2 1/2 yr olds know the word "rebar" and the phrase "compost bin".?