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I got the idea for this computer desk from seeing a couple other pallet related projects on instructables. We needed a desk for our house and I wanted one that would fit snug were an old closet used to be. So I created this using nothing but the wood from 5 whole pallets and a box of assorted wood screws. 
I'd say the only difficulty I had with it was taking the pallets apart and saving the boards from splitting as best I could.
After that I sent each one through my planer to clean them up a little. I wasn't too worried if the wood split from being screwed together, it added to the "old pallet" look I was trying to preserve. The table top, back board, and two side legs are completely seperate the whole unit is just placed together. Very easy to take apart and move by myself. It has two drawers, two cubby holes and some shelf storage on top. I had a few pieces left over so I also quickly put together a decent little mousepad.
I think it turned out pretty good. It still looks like just a bunch of pallets screwed together but its very sturdy and functional. Plus it looks "rustic" enough that my girlfriend let me keep it in the house! haha
I will post another instructable for the small side table in the picture as well.



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    amazing work! very well made and pretty solid looking:)! how many pallets did it take to make the particular desk you made?

    amazing work! very well made and pretty solid looking:)! how many pallets did it take to make the particular desk you made?

    What are the dimensions, as far as depth and width? I'd like to make one but space is limited.

    How much money did that take to make?

    This is simply amazing. You're truly talented.

    Can you post some step-by-step instructions?

    I have a spare room that I am trying to convert to a guest room/study room. I've been struggling trying to find something unique that looks good and fits within my budget. I'm so glad you posted this. By the way, it looks great. And because of you, my husband and I have decided to make this our sepcial project. We're going to try to design the furnish the entire room (desk, bed, book shelves and seats) using pallets. Great work.

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    Thanks for that! I'm glad i could help give a couple ideas with my project. Hope you're room turns out fantastic and have lots of fun in the process!

    Its always amazing to me just what can be done with pallets, incredible work.

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    Yeah me too. Thanks for the comment.

    That is a great looking desk and I admire your craftsmanship.

    I have a question for you, relating to the table top portion: Was there a reason why you did not run the slats from front to back? I think that the top would appear to be one uniform section if done this way. Please do not take this as a criticism, because I do like how yours turned out.

    Thanks for posting your project.

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    Thats a nice idea, to be honest I never thought of that haha. No worries, I don't mind a little critizism. I learn as I go so any tips or advice is just fine by me.

    I also really didnt think that I would be allowed to keep it in the house haha so thats why it looks a little rougher than probably could have done. Thankfully my girlfriend loved it haha.

    Where is a good supply of pallets? In the Uk btw, this design is brilliant

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    Well in canada we just find them behind businesses and large stores after they are done with them. Here they usually get left out for the garbage trucks or anybody that wants them. Its also a good idea to ask the owner of the shop before you go taking anything, even if it is trash haha. Not sure where you can find them in the UK though sorry.

    very nice…
    hope your work is better rewarded after that !!!…


    After researching desks for the past few months, this is definitely my favorite.
    great job

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    That's really good woodwork and imaginative use of available wood. It looks superb. And the wood has 'traveled' too, it's been around they city/country/world.

    Thanks for showing us.

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    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I also think it looks 'traveled' and rustic too. I also like the contrast of having all that technology (laptop, printer) on top of a bunch of old pallets.

    man this is soooo cool. I have been thinking about doing a wall from pallets.....this is really neat, you got my vote...