I just moved to Knoxville TN. I love the weather here. I also love sitting on the back deck to read or just relax in the wonderful weather. I got kind of tired of picking up the folding chairs and bringing them in every night, so I wanted something that could just stay there. I don't have a lot of money after the move and I've been watching Craigslist for something cheap and sturdy. I saw and add for barn wood chairs. They are basically chairs made from salvaged barn wood. They looked simple enough to make but, again being new to the area, where would I get the salvaged wood. Then I see an ad in CL for "Free Pallets" all you want just come get them. I'm thinking, "Pallets are strong, and free, I can do something with that."

Step 1:

Insert standard safety and anti-stupidity disclaimers here. Safety goggles (not Googles) Don't cut nails with your skill saw. Don't cut yourself. Yadda...
I made it as my first pallet project. Took about 3 hours. It came out smaller then i expected despite me reading the exact measurements. Perfect size for my 9yr old. Great little chair!
<p>I like the rustic, row look of your chairs!! :) Best design for my needs - I'm doing it!</p>
Sawsall works nice for dismantling pallets. <br>This is ah nice clean design too.
Thanks, I'm concerned about leaving the nails in the wood.
With a drift pin you could pop them out and not split the wood. The pin will have to be the same diameter as the nail. I know it's hard to do because the nails are twisted but a little effort produces something good. <br> <br>All in all I like the design because it's simple and clean.
Thanks! And Cool! I finally got a comment.
Nice design and usage of free materials.

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