Pallet Dog Bed





Introduction: Pallet Dog Bed

Build your pup a raised comfy dog bed made from a pallet

Step 1: Break Down Your Pallet

cut your pallet in half. Pull up the middle boards on both sides and saw the entire thing in half.

Step 2: Enclose the Sides

Enclose three sides of the bed using wood from the other half of the pallet.

Step 3: Sand

Sand down your edges and flat surfaces so you and your pup don't get splinters. Add your fluffy pillow top and your done. You now have a sturdy and distressed looking dog bed.



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    Nice. I wish I could make it.

    I love this! I am definitely going to try this for my Rottweiler.

    Looks pretty cool, this is going to the favourites list ;)

    Great looking dog bed. Do yo have any more pictures of the assembly process?

    Im sorry I dont. I didn't think about making this an instructable until after it was finished. If you build it though id be happy to answer any questions you had. I might be building another one soon and if I do ill make sure to take step by step photos.