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For all Pallet wood reclaimers.

Recycling a couple of heavy duty pallets for the 2x4 and was having quite a time getting the bent nails i ground them off at about 8mm and then was able to hammer them through and pulled them out with my claw hammer


nhampto9 (author)2016-02-15

I cut my slats from the risers w a sawzall. The slats are easy. The risers are a pain to denail. Attempting to pry the boards apart would yield 30% fewer boards since they are thin & brittle.

Vurgie (author)2016-02-14

Such a well thought through concept with wonderfully lucid video instructions Thank you


marcello bianchi (author)Vurgie2016-02-14

Thanks for your comments

marcello bianchi (author)2016-02-14


The Honey Boy (author)2016-02-14

Great idea


keeflester (author)2016-02-14

Mny thanks for posting this. I've been struggling with the same problem and this solution never occurred to me. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

Thanks for your nice comment

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