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Affordable, durable pallet garden sofa. This project was built entirely of wooden pallets in just a couple of days. The whole design was under £50 for the materials as you can usually find many wooden pallets from industrial or business parks.
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Step 1: Step 1: Creating the seats

Picture of Step 1: Creating the seats
The first thing you will have to do is gather three pallets that are almost the same size and can be relatable with another twelve of the same size pallets. Screw the three pallets, one on top of the other making sure that you use the pallet with a completely flat top as the top pallet.

Step 2: Step 2: Screw All The Seats Together

Picture of Step 2: Screw All The Seats Together
The next phase is to place all the seats together and screw them together, making sure that the are all level with one and other. A tip is to put them together on the site you are going to keep them at because once they are built the will weigh a ton. 

Step 3: Step 3: Covering Up The Front And Sides

Picture of Step 3: Covering Up The Front And Sides
The next step is to smash up a few pallets and harvest the single wood beams to cover up the front of your build and the sides. You will probably need to cut most of the beams to fit but after that you can just screw each piece in anywhere you can as it will make it look more hand build. After this you may want to give it a light sanding just to get some of the sharp pieces of wood away before the next step
simacan2 months ago

Interesting plan. Did someone here make real sample of this concept? Would love to see the final result.

mpmuebles9 months ago

Very interesting. Did you install also outdoor cushions in this project?

Nice project. Don't you have fotos of the final result? thanks for sharing

reganbkelly (author) 1 year ago
Fortunately this is only a scale model to show how it should be built properly.
It would be very expansive to make this with a 3d printer because most aren't big enough to print.
darman121 year ago
I like the idea of using pallets for a sofa. Did you use 123D because you didn't want to buy materials to build one for the Instructable? That is a good way of sharing your idea if you don't have the materials to build your project!