pretty simple design here,

all the wood and the windows are from craigslist under free stuff section.

the rest is from home depot. clear paint drip plastic, 2-4mm depending on how cold it gets there

lost of screws

shovel to dig a hole

black tarp for rain guard (please also dig a trench and fill with rocks... it gets messy somtimes after rain)

Step 1: Measure

measure the area with the windows

make a frame

cover the sides with plastic, either single or double layer, again depending on your area and how cold it gets

Step 2: Soil

get some organic soil

get some organic compost

plant seeds or seedlings or already growing plants

Step 3: Harvest

it get's too hot in there for me, didn't really measure anything, i had very limited amount of wood/nails/plastic

when it is sunny i actually just open it up, cover it for rain/storm

make sure to check out my other design; https://www.instructables.com/member/0bios0/

love & peace

<p>My husband made our wooden greenhouse from scratch too but yours looks great too! :) Cool!</p>
<p>This is great, you can't beat free!</p>
<p>emeğine sağlık olsun :)))</p>

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