Pallet Horse Shoe Coat Rack and Very Useful Shelf.


Introduction: Pallet Horse Shoe Coat Rack and Very Useful Shelf.

About: American family man, mechanic /welder

Repurposed an old pallet and some horseshoes into functional decor

Step 1: Cut the Pallet

cut the end of the pallet off, and sand it smooth to get it ready for your finish coat. I chose clear polyurethane for the natural look.

Step 2: Horseshoe Hooks

Cut 2 shoes in half and weld them as shown. At this time wire brush the Slag and the surface, and apply paint or clear coat.. I chose black spray paint. Once the paint cures out you can secure the hooks. I used finish nails through the nail holes.

Step 3: Securing to the Wall

The slats that make up the back side of the shelf are useful as u can easily run some screws through it into studs in the wall, and will then be able to hold plenty of weight..



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