Step 5: Finishing

Picture of finishing
I inserted the handle in to the head of the mallet and drove two more dowels in to the mallet head to secure the handle. After this I hand sanded the dowels and passed the complete mallet through the planer to trim the dowels perfectly smooth.  I did about 5 min of hand sanding to 600 grit. I finished the handle with three coats of Watco Danish oil.

I am going to make several more for friends of mine for Christmas who do wood working.  I even made a mallet with a round head.

Thanks for reading please vote. I want a Instructables t-shirt in a bad way.

great post. fantastic looking mallet!

djokimaki2 years ago
I bet that would look really slick if you turned it dowels and all! Nice work Ivan!
esemjay2 years ago
You know if you added "cringe" paint... you could make this look like thor's hammer. Kid's would love it...