Step 6: add nails

Add finishing nails at the intersections of the boards. Be sure to use thin and long nails to avoid splintering.
what about simply stapling some plastic to the inside of the box/over the edge to create a barrier against the chemicals? -thats what i was planning anyways!<br />
Great job. I have two concerns about making this myself: 1. Is the wood chemically treated, and will these chemicals leach into the herbs and other food I grow? 2. How long would this be likely to last outdoors? Thanks, Kiwiman
yeah I'm not excited about chemically treated wood as planter box either. How would one find out if it was?
1. Some pallets ARE chemically treated and some are not. Supposedly they are all marked with a number and you can look it up online to see if they are chemically treated or not. I think there is another instructable on here using pallets that talks more about it. 2. My pallet planter lasted very well outside. As long as you have decent drainage, it should be very long lasting.
sweet I was just going to home depot to buy some wood, to do the same thing and I have 3 pallets in the back yard. yippee! now I can get some shoes instead. and i love the squarefoot gardening idea! implementing now!
Also, the planter seemed to work better with no bottom slats. Even if the soil below is in terrible shape, it's very advantageous to allow the roots more space to grow!
This is a bit off subject, but I built a planter box recently out of some leftover 2"x4"s using galvanized nails. I realized later on that drilling and screwing using 2.5" deck screws makes for a much sturdier box and doesn't require any glue. Just a thought!
Yes... agreed! The second time around I used supports at the corners and screws. Worked very well.
Nice idea. Combining this info with this info <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.squarefootgardening.com/">http://www.squarefootgardening.com/</a> is also a nice idea.<br/>

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