Step 33: Some other ideas: Pallet adirondack chair.

Picture of Some other ideas:  Pallet adirondack chair.
Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures of this chair I built from 100% pallet wood.  Perhaps that will be the next instructable.  Winter is upon us!

I believe it was three pallets per chair, plus 30-40 screws, some putty, and some glue.

UPDATE:  Just finished the pallet adirondack chair intsructable.  Check it out:


kmdill5 years ago
This is a project I'm sure I'll never do- however your instructable is so informative and well made that I took the time to read through and look at your pictures of the whole thing! Dog house and chair included.
I'm massively impressed. Lucky kids you have there!
And curiosity, I know you said you spent alot of time collecting freebies, but all in all, what would be a rough guess as to how long this project took once you had your materials onsite and prepared?
jkratman (author)  kmdill5 years ago

It probably took two months, all together.  That was an hour here, an hour there kind of thing.
chapulin5 years ago
Great, awesome instructables project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live in a country were this kind of ideas are like pure gold !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for helping achieve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
chomerics5 years ago
Dude this is an awesome instructables project.  It is cheap, recycles material, and the end product is something that would cost $1000's of dollars if built by a professional.  In other words, you made a shed for about 1/10th - 1/15th the cost of the product, great job!!!!

BTW, the dog crap trebuchet is one that you may have to build now. . .well, if you have any more unruly neighbors ;)
jkratman (author)  chomerics5 years ago
Thanks, man...I'm really glad you suggested it to me.

I'll need some engineering assistance on the proper crap-to-tension ratio.