Pallet Shot Glass





Introduction: Pallet Shot Glass

This was a fun but long project and it made a mess, plus it was hard to find good pallet wood without knots or holes from nails.

Step 1: Cut and Glue

I grabbed the smoothest and straightest board off the pallet and cut it into 3 good pieces to use. I used Titebond III to glue and it worked good, i used quick grip clamps and my vise to clamp it down since the boards were cupped.

Step 2: Marking and Drilling

I removed the clamps and marked with a straight edge, an x that roughly helped me to find the center so I could punch it and drill it out. I then threaded in a woodworm screw for my chuck.

Step 3: Securing the Blank

I put it in the chuck, brought up the tailstock, brought up my tool rest, tightened everything down, and I was ready to turn.

Step 4: Setting Speed

Generally if your blank is square and about 1-2 inches you want to start at a slow speed like 1000- 1500 rpm.

Step 5: Protection

Always... I don't have a respirator.

Step 6: Tools

I used my roughing gouge and spinal gouge, I also used a scraper which is not shown here.

Step 7: Roughing It

I used my roughing gouge to bring it into round and begins to shape it.

Step 8: Shaping Your Blank

I used a pencil to mark my blank and than I parted it off.

Step 9: Final Shaping and Drilling

I remounted the blank in my chuck and turned a taper towards the bottom. I marked with a pencil, the center so I can go to the drill press and remove most of the material in order to get my tool in the cup.

Step 10: Hollowing It Out

I used my scraper to hollow it out and give it a smooth finish without sanding because that would be hard.

Step 11: Sand in the Place Where You Live

I sanded and went up through the grits in order to get it smooth.

Step 12: Remove the Tenon

I used the bandsaw to cut it off.

Step 13: You're Done!

It looks cool and you can use it for other things beside drinking.



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    Looks great, but you might want to reconsider using pallet wood. Most pallets are chemically treated as to last longer outdoors during storage.

    oh, I had no idea, I guess I should buy a respirator. But, this was an untreated pallet as stated on one of the tags so I think I am fine for now but I will look into a mask. THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS