Pallet Table


Introduction: Pallet Table

I got a stack of pallets from work with the intension of cutting them up for firewood but we needed a new dining table so I thought I would give building one a go. If it didn't work out it would get burnt anyway. But I think it turned out pretty good. I should have taken more pics in the process.



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    this is a very nice table but how did you clean the wood?

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    I've just started working with pallets (and wood in general). The way I've been cleaning up mine is with random orbital sander and some course sandpaper (I'm using 40 grit).

    There are probably better methods, but it's working for me. It also probably depends on what condition the pallets are in when you get them :)

    Very cool man

    I get carried away and forget to take photos. I will be making another one in a couple of weeks I shall document it fully!

    It looks good. But there's no instructions!

    beautiful result!