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I have access to many pallets and pallets straps at work, so I wanted to make use of some of these besides for firewood :)

So I decided to make a chest for storing valuable keepsakes.

I hope you enjoy this instructable, and if you have any questions - fire away.

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Step 1: Get the Basic Shape

Picture of Get the Basic Shape

To start your Pallet Treasure Chest, you will need to gather some pallet boards, or what I found were pieces of strapping-like wood used as spacers between rolls of roofing material. I used these because I wanted to avoid any nail holes in the donor wood.

You will also need three pieces of 1"x12" pine board which will be used to create the side profile and serve as the base of the chest in hopes that it will be strong enough to support a little weight inside.

Other Materials required to build as pictured;

- Antique Brass Handles, these are regular drawer handles purchased on ebay.

- Antique Brass Latch, this was a decorative latch that allows use of a small padlock.

-Antique Brass Corners, for the bottom to avoid damage.

- Antique Brass (you guessed it) Hinges, bought at a local hardware store.

- Strips of Leather ( or in my case *faux* leather 120cm x 12mm)

- Small Brass Tacks, used to attach the straps to the Chest.

TrS65 months ago

About how much does it cost to make this, assuming the pallet wood is free ??

This is so cool! I love working with pallets and this will be one of my next projects. Thanks for the great idea
Thanks very much! I look forward to seeing it when you're done!
joshdlytle1 year ago
ok finally finished it up this morning. couldnt find the hasp I wanted so I bought a plain squarish one, ground it down and hammered it with a ball peen hammer, im gonna install it later today when its paint dries. couldnt find leather straps either but I did gind some brass straps that ill pick up later and add on. overall a fun project!
WelshWoodWorking (author)  joshdlytle1 year ago

Hey Josh, that is a fantastic job! It's very satisfying to see that someone built one of my instructables. I'm glad you had fun with it! Keep up the great work!

Thanks man! I wish id made the radius on the lid a bit broader, but it still came out nice. Couldnt find side handles I liked so went qith the twine rope, aged up a bit with some of the stain
WelshWoodWorking (author)  joshdlytle1 year ago

Either way, Josh - you did a great job on it. I was thinking about a larger radius after too so it wouldn't be so round but I think its looks really nice as it is. I like the twine handles too, it looks rustic and authentic. Great Work!

And here is the hasp I used. Was just a plain rectangle, but a dremmel, bench grinder, and a large ball peen hammer gave it a handmadeish look.
joshdlytle1 year ago
I'm just finishing up mine today, I'm guessing you used a dark walnut stain?
WelshWoodWorking (author)  joshdlytle1 year ago

I believe it was dark walnut, great eye!! Post some pictures here when you're finished, I'd love to see it!

Will do brotha. Gonna be out of town for the weekend but should finish it up monday. Couldnt find side handles that I liked so I'm using twine rope for looped handles which I'll stain too to make it look worn and dark. Using hamered iron hinges though
devans371 year ago
aaaaaarrr ye scurvy dog I'll keelhaul ya and send ya t' Davey Jones locker!
rachel1 year ago

Lovely work! I've been wanting to make a chest for some time, you have made it look quite do-able, and your result is gorgeous.

WelshWoodWorking (author)  rachel1 year ago

Thank you for the compliment. I think it should be a project that most people can tackle.

Jeffs591 year ago

One thing you forgot even though its pretty easy, you didnt show what kind of hinges you used,but I voted for you its a great idea,pretty straight forward.

WelshWoodWorking (author)  Jeffs591 year ago

You know, I totally forgot about the hinges, I do have pictures but never uploaded any. It should be fairly self explanatory though, but good point. Thank you for the vote and the reminder.

Kajjn1 year ago
How much time did it take to make the chest
WelshWoodWorking (author)  Kajjn1 year ago

I think it was about ten hours of work including stain and clear coat and gluing on the felt liner.

Jack Moran1 year ago

That is really eye catching. You have my vote!

WelshWoodWorking (author)  Jack Moran1 year ago

Thank you for the compliment and the Vote. I really appreciate it!

that looks amazing! a true inspiration for me to start my own. thank you for sharing! also, how do I vote for you? I'm new ' ish to instructibles. thanks!

Thank you very much! I look forward to seeing yours once it's complete. Vote for me by clicking the "Vote" ribbon at the top right of the screen. Thanks again.

alexis231 year ago
Amazing! What a cool chest! I hope I can make one just as nice some day soon! :) (or maybe just buy yours from eBay! I'm still learning how to work with wood :/ :D)
WelshWoodWorking (author)  alexis231 year ago

Thanks for the compliment! I think this is a pretty easy project for anyone to complete, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

jlepack1 year ago
chest looks great
WelshWoodWorking (author)  jlepack1 year ago

Thank you very much.

seanf761 year ago
I'm gonna make one and line it with cedar
WelshWoodWorking (author)  seanf761 year ago

That sounds cool, cedar smells so nice! Look forward to seeing it!

The stain is so beautiful! I drew up plan for a really similar one, but I think I'm just going to follow your lead instead :D

WelshWoodWorking (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing it when it's done!

seamster1 year ago

Very nice! I like the hardware choices, especially the front latch.

WelshWoodWorking (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thank you, I like it too. If you would like the ebay seller's id, just send me a message!

ruberns1 year ago
That's very cool! Arrrrr!
WelshWoodWorking (author)  ruberns1 year ago

Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun to build.