Step 8: Trunk Bottom

Picture of Trunk Bottom
There are a couple ways to put a bottom on your trunk. I cut a piece of 3/4" plywood to fit and then used nails to hold it in. You could make a bottom similar to how you will make the top in the next step, but I wasn't planning on showing anyone the bottom of my trunk.
danzo3213 years ago
It is considered a bad idea to nail or screw into the edgegrain of plywood, which we are both stumbling into here. Gluing is fine.
danzo3213 years ago
Thinking.. If you had cut bottom as soon as you made the rectangles, you could have put it in place at bottom and upright side pieces could have sat on it, maybe a more elegant construction. I might have used slats for bottom but it would leak whatever.
ProRock (author)  danzo3213 years ago
I see what you mean. That would work for sure. I lined the interior of mine so you can't see the bottom from the inside, and I wasn't planning on people seeing the bottom very often, which is why I did mine this way.
The only drawback of your idea would be that the side slats wouldn't be as sturdy when screwed into the rectangle around the bottom. But I'm sure that you could combat this problem pretty easily.