Step 8: Trunk Bottom

There are a couple ways to put a bottom on your trunk. I cut a piece of 3/4" plywood to fit and then used nails to hold it in. You could make a bottom similar to how you will make the top in the next step, but I wasn't planning on showing anyone the bottom of my trunk.
<p>Look what we made!!!! So excited! Thank you for the inspiration!</p><p>Sue &amp; Doug</p><p>Lake Havasu City AZ</p>
Thanks a mill for this tutorial. I ended up making it in the end, then staining it then adding handles and a pair of hinges. So delighted that it worked out. Thanks again.
What was the measurements of the complete box?
<p>I haven't quite finished it yet. I have very little power tool knowledge so it was a pretty big project to tackle as my first one but I figured it out. Thank you for the idea and the pics. I'm happy with this</p>
<p>this looks fun. All y'all make this look so easy.. I'm very new to wood work and I can barely get a frame together. How long does it take to make something like this for most.</p>
<p>Thanks for your pallet trunk. That will make a great toy box for my kids</p>
<p>I've always just used spare pallets as scrap-wood or to keep tools etc. off of the ground in my garage. I like the idea of making it into a chest, but I would probably add a stain to mine. For those who know, should I stain the wood before I put the box together?</p><div>www.abccrates.com.au</div>
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What size screws did you use for this project thx
I saw this and was inspired to make something similar yesterday
<p>Needed more pallets than the instructions call for if you make it bigger, which we did because I needed a larger trunk, lined it with brown paper and it looks great</p>
seriously like this project. One of the best looking pallet projects I have seen. Defo gonna give it a go when I've next got some time off
you could even 'clean up' the board before assembly by running them through a planer. use a jointer on the edges, add glue and clamp them together for a more solid, cleaner look.no jointer/planer? just use a cheap palm sander. :) this is a great project.
<p>I think he wanted to go for a rusted and used look. <br>Personally, I prefer to brush my pallet boards with a steel brush on my drill which works out the grain beautifully and deburrs at the same time.<br>This makes the look a bit less old and used but quite a bit more natural and &quot;woody&quot;, especially after I have generously applied native olive oil.</p>
Oh and I made something like this to dismantle my pallets &quot;https://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-Breaker&quot; it was easy to make and works like a charm.
I love this and I've spent all day prepping my wooden pallets, but having gone through the instructables again and again, I have a question. Isn't the whole box just held together by the 4 screws that hold the bottom band of 1x2 and the 4 screws that hold the top band of 1x2 wood, both just one each on the corners. Is this actually enough to hold it together? If a piece of say 2x2 was put down in each corner and the sides screwed to it, wouldn't that make it stronger or is the box strong enough as is..? Cheers.
Also even if they ARE sturdy pallets are a challenge to pry apart, Trust me i've been trying haha
Edit: Found out the wonders of a metal cutting blade on a sawzall!
When my wife and I lived in northern Illinois (until recently), a local machine shop would leave pallets out by the end of their parking lot with a free firewood sign on them. <br> <br>Most of what we took heated the house, but occasionally some really nice wood emerged from the pile. Even got a couple of pallets made from black walnut.
Sorry, I liked the article, too. :) <br> <br>Your trunk reminds me very much of the only thing my dad ever built for me, a toy chest out of pallet wood, which my great nephew now has for his toys.
That's a great idea for outdoors storage, too! Just paint it and weatherize it, and make it stackable, with side lids, and a part of your backyard turns into a wharehouse.
Your Idea is divulged, here, on my Gizmo Blog: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2012/10/portugal-ole-e-arrumar-tralha-3d-brava.html
Hey quick (and possibly silly) question: when you said you attached the base using nails, where did you nail it in? I'm totally new to DIY, and can't see how you've nailed in the base!
Yeah, it's kindof hard to see, but i used nails around the bottom edge of the trunk. They went through the trim and the slats into the plywood. Make sure your nails are pretty long, otherwise you won't get much stability.
thanks for a great instructable! your creativity on this is great. i used some pallet wood to make a box quite like yours but different. <br>thanks again <br>
It is considered a bad idea to nail or screw into the edgegrain of plywood, which we are both stumbling into here. Gluing is fine.
Thinking.. If you had cut bottom as soon as you made the rectangles, you could have put it in place at bottom and upright side pieces could have sat on it, maybe a more elegant construction. I might have used slats for bottom but it would leak whatever.
I see what you mean. That would work for sure. I lined the interior of mine so you can't see the bottom from the inside, and I wasn't planning on people seeing the bottom very often, which is why I did mine this way. <br>The only drawback of your idea would be that the side slats wouldn't be as sturdy when screwed into the rectangle around the bottom. But I'm sure that you could combat this problem pretty easily.
Thank you ever so much for sharing this, it is really great.
Very nice. You could sell those.
I have built a few of these. You can make them look really nice with the right type of wood from the pallet. I always use the hardwood boards, but if you take it slow you can make a blade and a saw last a long time. If you dont sand it watch out for splinters.
Way to go, if this means anything, you get a &quot;Green Star&quot;. This is making use of what would go ina landfill, and two creating something both useful and beautiful. WAY TO GO!, <br> <br>Pete
I like that. Please could some one tell me what is a reciprocating saw? (used to cut the mails). <br>Thanks
You might know it as a sawzall. Here is the wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reciprocating_saw
I love this idea.
Right on, Donkey Kong! Great instructable. I like how you attached the wood screws from the inside. Very clean look. The rusty hinges are a great touch! From the outside the trunk looks like it's decades old. Might want to explain to people that might not know what 'ripping' wood is. What's your take on what some are saying that pallets are unsafe and toxic? I'm a big fan of reusing wood but I'd be curious to know what you think.
I didn't really think about that when I started my project. But I'm not to worried about it anyway due to the fact that the pallets that I used were very old and had been sitting outside in the weather for quite a few months. They also didn't have any markings on them saying that they had been treated. <br>I noticed some other instructables that talked about disassembling pallets and what to look for. They did talk about some pallets being treated so that they last longer. If that is something your worried about, check out this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-determine-if-a-wood-pallet-is-safe-for-use/.
I think this looks awesome and is a great use for reclaimed wood! I wish I had used some of my scrap hardwood flooring to try out this idea. Thanks for sharing!
That is a great idea... I just used my last remaining hardwood flooring at my daughters Condo. Oh well something to start looking for on Craigslist
There's always people on craigslist getting rid of pallets. I've been looking for some more on there and have had many choices to choose from.
Looks like a nice, simple way to make use of old pallets. But: CAUTION ! If you attempt ths or any other project using pallets be aware that many of them are hardwood and will ruin a saw blade, even burn out a motor in no time. Carbide blades are not immune. Unless you have an industrial strength table saw, approach any hardwood with a very slow feed speed. Do not allow the RPM to drop too much or for too long. Change blades if you smell smoke o see scorching on the cuts. <br>Personal experience! Cost me $300 for a new table saw. :(
Not bad at all, nicely done. <br> For the top, you might consider using an odd number of boards ie: five rather than four. For some reason it just looks more aesthetically pleasing.
Add a couple of big cushions and voila - extra seating.
I never thought about it like that, but in a pinch it would work great.
very rustic looking trunk, I love it ! Thank you for sharing
Really love it!
Best use of a pallet I've seen so far! I've been wanting a trunk to put my sewing/craft things in, and this looks perfect.

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