Pallet Tv Unit





Introduction: Pallet Tv Unit

Step 1: Dismantle About 4 Pallets

I ended up dismantling 5 pallets because some pallets were old and brittle. I used a YouTube video to learn how. You need a crow bar and a hammer. That's all I used

Step 2: Layout Wood

Measure the length you want your tv unit and lay out the wood I honestly made this up as I went along. I measure the length, height and depth and went with it. Basing it on the pallet length ( pallet board was to short. 2 pallet lengths was to long. So pallet and half worked out to be just right. I decided on the height to where my tv was already mounted. You can adjust this accordingly

Step 3: Measure and Cut

My tv was already mounted to the wall. This made it easier to measure the height (I made it up as I went) At this point I decided to make the top and base. Throughout this project I was measuring and cutting and giving one coat of stain. This avoids seeing odd colors once assembled. After working out the basic dimensions, I cut the length using a jig saw. Then sanded ( using 80 grain) and stained it. With a basis of 1 1/2 pallet length. I screwed (8G x 40mm) into 4 bracket lengths pre-cut from pallets

Step 4: Assemble Frame

I pretty much free-styled from here. I basically wanted 3 cupboards with a shelf in each Pictures should explain the rest All screws were the same accept 20 4inch screws for attatching the base and top to the posts. Which needed pilot holes Don't hesitate to ask questions

Step 5: Side Panels

Simply screwed to the inside

Step 6: Shelving

Same concept as the top and base only smaller Couple of "L" brackets for the shelf support

Step 7: Doors

I forgot to take photos whilst make these. Pretty simple though Made strips of wood for left and right of the door. Then screwed them to horizontal pallet slats cut to length You can zoom in on the finished product to see what I did

Step 8: Sand, Stain and Varnish

The most time consuming part. Especially if the kids won't leave you alone for an hour Everything should have had one coat of stain already. I now sanded with 120grit and stained again Then sand with 240grit and apply a varnish sealer (75% varnish 25% mineral terps) Now apply 3 coats of straight vanish sanding in between each coat with a 320grit (best done by hand for this part) This section takes so long due to the fact you need 24hrs drying time between coats (but its worth it)

Step 9: Fit Doors and Insert Shelves

Pick the hinges and handles you want and fit them along with the shelves

Step 10: Bear in Mind

This tv unit is not 100% square and the wood is warped in some parts. If you have the tools. You can spend the time to plain, level and square everything up. But I liked the imperfections. And am happy with the outcome. Next up will be matching side tables. Same style!!!



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    good job, I like the imperfections when it comes to wood..unless I'm going for (store quality) but I usually am just going for rugged anyway.

    Took me about four weekends.
    But when I made this I only had a jigsaw and a drill. Plus I had no idea what I was doing. I built a second on for a friend which I had built in 2 days.
    Not including sanding and staining

    how long does this take?

    I love it I will try to make my stand this weekend or at least start it.

    Simon, this piece has a great look- like the rich tone of the finish. Re: difficult pallet disassembly, I resorted to cutting the slats at the end where they meet the side rails with my circular saw. Then grasp the ends of the rail and twist a few times and the slat will wiggle loose from the middle rail. You lose about 3 inches per rail, but it's much faster and safer than fighting with pry bars. End tables rock too! Keep it up.

    Im in qld thanks anyway, will have to look around :)

    Well the pallets I got we're made with them. It's hit and miss with what pallets you get. I got them from a fruit and veg wholesaler. I've got 4 posts left over. If you live in Western Australia you can have them

    Ok cool thanks for that. What part of the pallet did you use for the 4 corner posts? The pallet I got didn have anything like that, need to get more pallets so searching for them lol

    nice work bro :) im gonna make that :)

    Due to my lack of tools. I just screwed. Didn't have clamps which would be needed as the wood was warped in places.
    The screws are visible but a counter sunk so some wood filler would cover it before staining.
    If I had to do it again I would do it slightly different, but I made it up as I went.
    This is only my second project and am learning things in the way.
    Glad you all enjoy.
    Here's a taster of the matching side tables I'm doing

    13 11:34 AM.jpg