Pallet Wall Shelf





Introduction: Pallet Wall Shelf

I wanted to make a wall shelf.

Step 1: Prep Pallet

Find a good, clean pallet to form the back of your shelf. I used a random orbit sander with 60 grit paper. I took some wide planks from another pallet for the shelves. I sanded to remove any superficial blemishes. When I removed the boards for shelves, they broke apart, so I edge glued them back together before sanding.

Step 2: French Cleats

I chose to use French cleats to hang my shelf. They're easy to make, they're strong, and won't tear up your walls. I just cut two 8" planks of 1x4 on 45 degrees with a table saw. Glue them to the back of the pallet and make sure they're at the same height. I sanded the back where I glued them for a good surface.

Step 3: Mount Shelves

I used corner braces from Lowes so I could hide as much as possible. Regular shelf brackets would also work, but will take away the clean, all-wood look.

Step 4: Stain

I went for a darker stain. Use cheesecloth to apply the stain, and don't forget to use pre-stain wood conditioner.

Step 5: Final Product



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I dont like those pallet projects , but I must say, in your case, result is really nice. Hope you made it with very smooth finish ( I mean wood surface). I love color you made it with, and visible nodes on wood. It s really nice idea if you have some old spare pallets with no use or if you can get some "old wood" for free of charge and "re-use" it.
My tip: You should soften the edges and paint this one wall with white or fair brown ( rather white coffe ) color paint for better contrast. ( just my opinion )
but at all it looks nice ;)

Looks awesome! Keep it up!

That's a nice looking shelf you have there! I like working with pallets also, it always gives a great affect to the project