Pallet Wave Speaker Box


Introduction: Pallet Wave Speaker Box

Theses were some old speaker I found on side of a road.
I bought a Bluetooth amp which they run off.
Very cheap very easy.
This was inspired by beach bum living

Step 1: Building

After deciding where the speakers were gonna sit, I first built a simple box out of pallets.

I then jig saw wave strips

Step 2: Glueing

I then glues and nailed them all in place

Step 3: Hole Sawing

Cut hole for the speakers with hole saw

Step 4: Paint and Varnish

Step 5: Assembling

Screwed speakers from the back before closing it up



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    6 Discussions

    Very simple you just need an amp that you're able to plug in speaker wire.
    If you're using old speakers they should already be wired up.
    $35 of eBay. I just typed in a search for Bluetooth amp

    Any info on how you wired up the amp/BT/speakers. Very interested on doing this but can't quite figure out the wiring bits

    I love the wave idea!! I will definitely be using that soon. Thanks for the awesome idea

    Beautiful design!!!