Introduction: Pallet Wood Letters

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Letters made from pallet wood and plywood.

takes about 30-60 minutes

supplies needed

supplies to cut out letter
- printer
- paper
- cardboard(I used an old Pizza box)
- box cutter
- pencil
- jigsaw

supplies if letter has a inside piece
- drill
- drill bits

sand paper if desired

Step 1: Print a Letter

Picture of Print a Letter

choose the letter and style you like and print to desired size.

Step 2: Tape Letter to Cardboard

Picture of Tape Letter to Cardboard

tape edges of paper to card board for cut out

Step 3: Cut Along Letter Edge

Picture of Cut Along Letter Edge

use a box cutter to cut along the letters edge into the cardboard.

Step 4: Remove Paper and Re-cut If Needed

Picture of Remove Paper and Re-cut If Needed

remove the paper and check if you need to cut the lines again. the cut must go through the cardboard.

Step 5: Remove Letter From Cut Out

Picture of Remove Letter From Cut Out

carefully remove letter from the cardboard so you have a stencil of your letter.

Step 6: Trace Stencil to Pallet Wood

Picture of Trace Stencil to Pallet Wood

place your plywood on the bottom with pallet pieces on top.

next place your stencil in desired location and trace on to pallet wood.

Step 7: Attach Pallet Pieces to Plywood

Picture of Attach Pallet Pieces to Plywood

using either hammer and nails, a nail gun, or screws attach pallet pieces to plywood making sure outline lines up correctly.

Step 8: Use Jigsaw to Cut Out Letter

Picture of Use Jigsaw to Cut Out Letter

following the outline of the stencil, use a jigsaw to cut all lines and remove scrap wood

Step 9: Removing Inside Pieces

Picture of Removing Inside Pieces

Some letters will have small pieces that need to be removed from the middle. follow these steps.

1. find out what size hole your jigsaw blade will fit into.

2. drill a hole into piece that needs to be removed.

3. use jigsaw to follow lines and cut piece free.

Step 10: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

now your letter should be free and you can sand and finish as desired.


GarrettT12 (author)2016-06-13

nicely done

mtairymd (author)2016-02-28

Nice job. 25 more to go :)

egood2 (author)mtairymd2016-02-28

I just hope no one asks for lower cases too. haha

Teenage Kicks (author)egood22016-03-01

would also be nice too see the numbers, and full set of standard ASCII symbols, if its not too much hassle.......

nice job though, you can buy wooden letters from a shop near me but they are very clinical, i much prefer more rustic things like these and since i found a good supply of free pallets i might have to knock some of these up as the lad always asks me if he can have the expensive ones from the shop to paint....

depotdevoid (author)2016-02-27

Very cool! This looks great.

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