Hi, for this instructable I decided to use some reclaimed pallet wood to make bottle openers that will stick to your fridge as well as catch the bottle cap as it falls using strong magnets. I was able to find the magnets and openers on Amazon at reasonable prices and used an easy trick to transfer images onto the wood. These openers made inexpensive yet well received holiday gifts for some close friends.

Tool List for this project is as follows:


Remember to be safe when operating any power tools and when disassembling pallets. Always wear eye protection and keep long hair, sleeves and other loose clothing & jewelry properly restrained when operating any power tools.

There are many ways to take pallets apart and it can be very difficult. These things are made to stay together and the nails used are typically very difficult to remove. Be sure that any nails, staples or other foreign material is removed from the wood before running it through any of your woodworking tools. The metal can easily ruin your blades or cause sparks to rain down upon you or debris to fly towards you and others at high velocities.

That said, let's get started.

Step 1: ​Get Some Pallets

Where I work pallets are readily available and come in all sizes utilizing many types of wood. I try to find the ones that use harder wood which is in good shape. You may want to look for pallets that are heat treated instead of chemical treated. It would be best to do some research into what type of pallets you have available to you. Here is a good resource.

Since Pallets are made to withstand a lot of heavy use they can be very difficult to disassemble. There is no easy way. Some of the pallet busters that are for sale or homemade are useful but can break the wood if not sized properly. If you don't want to use pallets, any other source of wood will work fine.

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