I recently moved and found myself in need of a nightstand. I had a pile of pallet wood laying around, so I decided to use that for the build. This way, it cost me virtually nothing. I might decide to make fancier nightstands later (or just buy them), but at least now I have a spot next to my bed to put stuff.

This project is very suitable for a beginning woodworker. You only need a basic set of tools and it doesn't require a lot of accuracy. When there are gaps or when some pieces are out of square, you can just call it 'rustic'.

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Step 1: The Design

I always like to get an idea of what I'm making by drawing up a plan. The top is a glued-up panel, and each leg is made up of 2 boards that have an angled cut and are nailed together at 90°. The drawer is added later by cutting away a part of the legs. Measurements are given directly on the photos in each step (in red). They are in millimeters, so convert to inches by dividing by 25.4 if you use imperial.

If you're interested in the drawing program, I used a free online tool called Tinkercad. It's really meant for designing 3D-printable objects, but it works for woodworking too. It uses a basic set of geometric shapes that you can add or subtract, so it's super simple and quick.

<p>Love the legs - they make it look really fancy. :)</p>
<p>Thanks! They do make it fancier, don't they? And as a bonus, you get to use the same board twice when cut diagonally.</p>
<p>Simple and practical. I like the detailed explanation -very helpful. Perfect project for next weekend. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thank you! Be sure to share a photo here if you made one.</p>
<p>Well done! Simple and elegant! Thanks for sharing</p>
<p>You're welcome :-)</p>
<p>Love the looks of it, essential and simple. Kudos</p><p>Great write-up too</p>
<p>Love the design/structures clean lines.</p>
<p>Thank you! I don't have a design background, so it's nice to hear I'm doing something right.</p>
'Very nice
<p>Thanks! I'm honored that your first comment on this site is for me :-) Can I interest you in a pro membership? This gives you access to all online classes.</p>

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