Picture of Pallet Wood Painting

Below are directions for a simple project using pallet wood.

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Step 1: ​Tools/Materials


  • Saw
  • Computer/Printer
  • X acto knife or box cutter


  • Pallet Wood - 36” x 5.5” (x3)
  • Nails or Screws
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Adhesive (optional)

Step 2:

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Acquire pallet wood

Step 3:

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Cut three pieces of wood to 22” Long. Save the remaining portions.

Step 4:

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Lightly sand wood to remove dirt and major blemishes.

Step 5:

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Use remaining portions to attach three sections together – glue and nail/screw

Step 6:

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Remove dust with a damp washcloth. The surface is now ready for paint.

Step 7:

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Start with a base coat. Since pallets are porous, the paint will produce an uneven finish - my desired look. If you want a cleaner (less rustic) look, sand to a smoother finish and add primer.

Step 8:

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Draw or download an Image. I chose a modified version of the South Carolina Flag and printed it on card stock.

Step 9:

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Use an X acto knife or box cutter to cut out the stencil. Place stencil over surface. If you have fine features, you might want to add an adhesive to the stencil to get a cleaner look. Mask off all areas where you do not want paint. Paint with your desired color.

Step 10:

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Sniffz9 months ago
Nice! i made one too
mtairymd (author)  Sniffz9 months ago
Thanks. I feel like I should know that symbol - what is it?
Sniffz mtairymd9 months ago
Its razer a gaming logo

Go Gamecocks!!! I love the idea and great instruct able.

patsheldon1 year ago

cool cool! I want to try this, thanks for sharing!

I like it! Rustic and colorful :)

Beautiful and inexpensive for that personal touch in your home. :)