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Introduction: Pallet Wood Silverware Holder

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Our kitchen is, well, so poorly designed. It has no drawers. None. Like who puts together a kitchen without drawers?! Terrible flippers, that's who.

Anyway. Tired of our silverware sitting out in a plastic thing on a cart for 2+ years, and until I redesign this particular wall, I made something to hold our silverware.

The great thing about this project is it can be used for all sorts of things -- plants outside, organizing stuff, tools, the list could go on.

Step 1: Hack Up Wood.

I started by cutting up slats of free pallet wood into 4" pieces.

Step 2: Assemble.

I glued the sides to the front and didn't use any fasteners as I didn't want to see any on the face. I did screw the bottoms on from the sides.

Step 3: Arrange.

Once all the little boxes were ready, I arranged them in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Next I took two longer pieces of pallet wood, butted them together. I probably didn't do that the most correct way but I used what I had on hand to as to keep this whole project free-to-me. You can come read about that over on my blog, Flipping the Flip.

Step 4: Attach.

Last step in assembly, attach the little boxes from behind.

Step 5: Hang on Wall.

I drilled through the pallet wood into the wall, put some wall anchors in, and screwed this puppy to the wall that way.

Step 6: Make Use Of.

And there we have it, a free pallet wood silverware holder thingie!



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    Love it! Would also be great above a bathroom vanity for *stuff* :)

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    I really LOVE this idea. It is Beautiful and functional. I don't have pallet wood, but I do have some wood left over from another project. I am going to do this!!! I have no silverware drawers, either, and I am tired of playing drawers as well. Thank you so very much for sharing this brilliant design idea!!!!!

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    Oh fabulous, thank you! I'm so glad you found some inspiration. Please do share photos when you're done as I'd love to see it! Thank you!

    Doesn't pallet wood have some kind of poison in it? I don't think it's safe for storing utensils...

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    Just gotta get Heat Treated (HT) and make sure the place you get it from doesn't use them for chemicals etc. Does anyone know if you polyurethane coat it, if it keeps any remaining possible toxins "inside" and not allow it to off-gas?

    I don't have the answer to that but I'm sure a quick search engine poke through will answer that.

    If you were Peter Brown, You'd probably cover it with Epoxy...

    There are lots of guides available online to help you find safe pallet wood.

    You should mention that in the Instructable, And maybe leave a link to them...

    Anyway, You can always cover it with some kind of finish

    I should have, you're right. I'm a jerk. ;). Thanks.


    If you never make mistakes, You'll never learn. On the other hand, You might want to make them a couple times, Just to be sure

    Not to sound too negative, but to add some perspective - just because the pallet is HT and not chemically treated when it was produced does not mean that the pallet wood is safe. Many pallets are used to transport chemicals, pesticides, manure, etc. Things get spilled and absorbed. It's generally not considered safe to use pallet wood near food prep.

    That said, I love the design.

    if your pallet wood says HT on it, it should be completely safe, that means heat treated, and if not you can always glue a lining in.

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    Any thoughts on making sure that pallet wood is safe for food use since you are storing your silverware in them?

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    There's safe pallet wood out there; a quick search online will bring you to lots of helpful guides.