Picture of Pallet coasters from recycled wood
I made some miniature pallet coasters out of 1/4" wood salvaged from a small chest of drawers that were being thrown away. I just used a bandsaw to tear off thin pieces of the boards and glued them together. This project was inspired by Steve Ramsey's pallet coaster project ( I liked the idea but I don't have pallet wood to work with and, more importantly, I don't have a planer to take the wood down to size while preserving the texture of the pallet. I do, however, have a bandsaw and I produced a nice texture ripping 1/8" and 1/4" planks off of these little boards. I have seen all sorts of pallet coasters on the internet but Steve's are the only ones that don't look like they're made from popsicle sticks. I would have used his method I don't have the proper tools and my living situation does not permit the acquisition of a pallet's worth of wood for this scale of project.

 * 1/4 wood boards
 * wood glue

 * bandsaw (or something else to rip 1/8" off the boards)
 * hand saw and some sort of miter box or jig for cutting the lengths off (optional, I suppose)
 * rough grit sandpaper (to remove hanging bits of wood after cutting)
 * polyurethane (or some other sealer) (optional?)
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Step 1: Ripping the planks

Picture of Ripping the planks
This step is fairly simple. You start with whatever 1/4" wood you can get. Cut down a whole bunch of lengths at about 1/8" and then more at around 1/4". I just eyeballed it all by setting up the jig on the bandsaw and taking a couple practice cuts. It definitly doesn't have to be precise, but accurate uniform pieces are important.

I ended up using 14 pieices of 1/8" planks and 3 pieces if 1/4" for each coaster, but while making them I just sort of guessed the ratio and it worked out ok.

so cute

Deltic1 year ago
I figure the wooden stirrers all the coffee shops use these days instead of proper spoons would save me a lot of hassle & be about the right size?
ADORABLE. At first glance, i thought that they were full size.
Well bobertlo, I've looked at Steve Ramsey's pallet coasters in your link and personally think that yours look miles better. You have the scale and texture just right. Perfect!
I could see this with Popsicle sticks from the dollar store and staples.
Nice. If recycling real pallet wood to use and not putting a finish on, just be aware that it may have been chemically treated or has been in contact with stuff you don't want near food or drink.
I love that! Never seen coasters like this before!
Nick705871 year ago
That's really neat.