Pallet coffee table | How to make a coffee table out of old wood pallets

Picture of Pallet coffee table | How to make a coffee table out of old wood pallets

Hello again folks!

Today I will show you how I built a small coffee table out of old pallets.

Materials used:

- pallet

- a handful of wood screws

- wood stain

- clear coat finish

- and a few hours of your time

I hope you guys enjoy this small project and feel free to comment and give suggestions!

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Step 1: Lay out your design

Picture of Lay out your design

First I broke up a few of those pallets that I got from Wal-Mart for free! I love FREE stuff! Even if I don't need it. hehe

Then I took the better looking pieces and laid them out in a way that the old holes would be off. Then took a saw to it and eyeballed the length and width of my soon to be table.

I wanted a small coffee table, because my college house here is pretty small and I needed something to hold my food and a drink while not taking up a lot of space.

Step 2: Table top

Picture of Table top

So for a table top I got the right dimensions cut out and used an electric sander to smooth out the surface.

Then I took two 2x4 from the same pallet and used them as a base where I would next attach 4 legs.

I drilled holes in the top and put two screws in each boards all the way through into the base 2x4s.

Also smoothed out all sharp edges with a hand sander.

Tip: use drill to make holes before your put crews in, that will keep your pallet wood from splitting in all directions.

DIY Dave1 year ago
good job, best looking piece of pallet furniture I've seen. I built a table from pallets once but left it rough since it was for my garage
SlavicFMJ (author)  DIY Dave1 year ago


great ible simple and functional. I think the word you were looking for was screws instead of crews
SlavicFMJ (author)  Ageless Kronos1 year ago

yes, screws. Sorry, English is not my first language.

no problem