Picture of Pallet long board deck

Recently, do to an elementary school being renovated in my area, i stumbled upon some old wood pallets. soon, while being a couch potato and trying to find something to occupy my free time i thought "what the heck i might as well build something." then out of the corner of my eye i noticed a long board sitting in a vacant corner of my house. immediately the idea popped into my head why not build another deck for these wheels to party on. and thus my quest for building a long board deck for little to no money began.

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Step 1: Gather the wood

Picture of Gather the wood

The first step on your rather short road of making a cheap long board deck is to find some pallets.

however there are some things to consider when trying to find your pallets.

1. be sure your pallet has at least 2-3 planks of the same thickness

2. be sure the people that are working at wherever you get your pallets are OK with you taking the pallets, or you could take them in the dead of night. (to each their own i guess)

3. be sure that the wood is not rotted, balance on one foot on the pallet and see if the planks will break under your weight, if they do well don't use that pallet.

4. (optional) look if the wood is the right color. i cant tell you how to do this step because i don't know what type of wood you like.

to get the wood out of its pallet form use a crow bar and a hammer.

blooperfiesta (author) 7 months ago

Nice job, it looks fantastic!