Picture of Pallet to Posters from TechShop
Purpose: Reuse scrap wood from a shipping pallet, to make something cool and useful

Tools: hammer, prybar or mallet, sawsall, orbital sander, pneumatic nail gun, table saw, table router, Photoshop, large plotter
Materials: old pallet, 3/16” foam core, hardware
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Step 1: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
Sometimes it's the simplest tool you need, and a good old fashion hammer can do wonders.  Normally I would use a pry-bar, but since I was working inside with other people around I opted to go with a slightly less obnoxious method and use a rubber mallet.  The sawsall came in handy for cutting out unusable sections, but otherwise this was a straightforward process.

Step 2: Tips and Tricks

Picture of Tips and Tricks
When dealing with reclaimed materials, and especially something that wasn't meant for longevity like this pallet, things will assuredly not go according to plan.  Reclamation is also different from demolition because you actually want to keep the materials.  That being said, some of the nails did not want to co-operate.  Periodically I would shear a nail head when pulling this pallet apart.

Number one: How do you get under a sheared nail head without gouging the wood?
Flip the lumber over and use another nail to tap the broken bit out!

Number two: How do you pull a long nail with no head?
Don't waste your time with pliers, just bend the nail over to the side!  Now you have some surface area to pull out normally.

I mainly wanted the slats and didn't plan on including the 2x4's in this project, so didn't worry about buried nails.  However, I might change my mind later, so I made sure to mark any remaining nails to avoid surprises.