Picture of Pallet wood Chair
This instructables will teach you how to build a circular, rocking esque chair out of pallet wood. It takes roughly 8 hours of hard work, not including the time to let the glue dry. 
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Step 1: Pallet deconstruction time.

Picture of Pallet deconstruction time.
Find 4 attractive pallet boards, and put them aside.

Tools you will need:
Back up Hammer


Disassemble the pallets, keeping in mind that many long boards will be needed. 

Disregard the base parts of the pallet, they have too many nails in them and are not worth the effort to keep unharmed. 

If you lose your patience with removing the pallet wood, simply use the jigsaw and cut the boards at each end, then play around with it until the middle of the board comes unattached. 

Step 2: Cutting out pieces of the frame

Picture of cutting out pieces of the frame
First, get a piece of the pallet wood, then draw out a design like the one below

At the tip and butt of the piece, there must be a crevice, so that the next piece can fit in snugly and be supported on i.t

Step 3: Cut that and multiple pieces

Picture of Cut that and multiple pieces
photo copy.JPG
Cut out the piece on the bandsaw to the drawing on the piece.

repeat until you have 4 pieces. 

Then make eight of those pieces and connect four of them like below

Step 4: Glue the pieces together

Picture of Glue the pieces together
Glue both frames like below with three supports on the main  4 board below.

Make sure to screw  the boards together as well. With 2 on each side of the joint.

Step 5: Put supports in between the two main frames

Picture of Put supports in between the two main frames
photo copy 3.JPG
Put supports in between the two main frames such as below.

And put them on the bottom to about the second support. 

Use clamps
drill in 2 on one side
remove clamp on that side
drill in other two
remove that clamp and move on to the next board

Step 6: Get very nice cushions

Picture of Get very nice cushions
Get very nice cushions that are about 2 feet long.
Can be bought from costco. Preferabley weather resistant
40$ for both of them.

Step 7: Attach cushions

Picture of Attach cushions
Place both cushions into chair, and place them were you would like to keep them permenently. They will soon be stapled, but as a failsafe to keep the top cushion attached, you should get some string and tie it to the board.
william13702 years ago
WHAT?! $40 for two cushions!!! Ouch
lpxav3 years ago
I love it ! :) but is it really tough so you can move as rocking chair ?
l8nite3 years ago
thats a really cool design !