This instructables will teach you how to build a circular, rocking esque chair out of pallet wood. It takes roughly 8 hours of hard work, not including the time to let the glue dry. 

Step 1: Pallet Deconstruction Time.

Find 4 attractive pallet boards, and put them aside.

Tools you will need:
Back up Hammer


Disassemble the pallets, keeping in mind that many long boards will be needed. 

Disregard the base parts of the pallet, they have too many nails in them and are not worth the effort to keep unharmed. 

If you lose your patience with removing the pallet wood, simply use the jigsaw and cut the boards at each end, then play around with it until the middle of the board comes unattached. 

WHAT?! $40 for two cushions!!! Ouch
I love it ! :) but is it really tough so you can move as rocking chair ?
thats a really cool design !

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