Hi all.

Apologies for taking so long to put these up. But adventures in pallet construction continue.

While the pallet sofa awaits the cushions to be upholstered I thought I'd share my coffee table.

Tried to push myself a little bit and move on from just utilitarian design to something a little bit different, even though this took a bit more thought and effort.

Was really inspired by dan440ss "Stellar-X Table" (link: and was wondering if I could make something more refined for indoor use. I also got looking at Parquet floor designs and then started to sketch out some things on my gas bill and this is what came of it!

I really like the 2 tone effect on the wood, and especially like that it doesn't really look like a pallet. Here's how it was done!

P.S... I entered this into the workshop contest to win honour. Please vote if you enjoyed it!
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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
This is where it all began... sitting over coffee one morning with heaviness and lament in my heart for no-where whereupon to place said coffee that befitted it's status in my morning ritual.

I wanted to give the effect of interlocking pieces of wood emphasised by a difference in wood stain. It evolved a little as I went along but largely came out the same. You could be as imaginative as you like with this, but I wanted a square table and thought this would make it pretty interesting and about the right size given the pallet I had in my yard. Play around and measure up the space you have. 

The pencil sketch  was a slight improvement on the original Biro drawing on my bills I measured the pallet I had and downsized the design a touch.
Robert T.6 months ago

Hey Orinico, You get my #1 prize for craftsmanship and originality. Of all the other somewhat lame tables, yours is by far the best! Now this, is real furniture. I'm going to download the plans and get started. I've built several already, but not with the complexity of your table top. I'm sure I can do it. I like the way you drew plans on your energy bill! Keep up the great groovy work, brother! I can dig it. Robert

phoe11 months ago

Looks great - good job !

jayeshshinai11 months ago
i like this!!! voted, keep them instructables coming...
Orinico (author)  jayeshshinai11 months ago

Many ideas in store but finding time around work and everything else is my limiting factor. More 'ibles are coming but timing uncertain. Love this site so much!

SirPhobos1511 months ago
Very nice. Looks good. love checking out pieces made from shipping pallets or any re-purposed wood. I've made a few pieces here and there & have a few instructables of my own out there. Look forward to seeing more from you.
Orinico (author)  SirPhobos1511 months ago

Thanks - I really like your table with a drawer. It looks really nicely finished as well. I've been looking at a bit of cabinet making along these lines too. I've subscribed so look forward to seeing what you have in store.

David Catriel11 months ago
wow. absolutely beautiful. definitely gets my vote!
Orinico (author)  David Catriel11 months ago

Many thanks!

dunning11711 months ago
What were the dimensions of the OSD board you used?
Orinico (author)  dunning11711 months ago

Like I say the dimensions were dependant on the size of the table top but I cut the board to be about 65cm square as my tabletop was 71cm square.

mscearce11 months ago
Did you do anything to the sides and legs? I can't really tell from the pictures. The top looks awesome tho.
Orinico (author)  mscearce11 months ago

Sides got same treatment as the first bit of worktop - 1) sanded lightly with medium grade paper, 2) varnished, 3) sanded again with medium grade paper then 4) second coat of varnish. I didn't sand any finer for the sides but that's just a matter of personal preference.

Festrada00711 months ago
Beautiful, minor correction, it is called OSB (Oriented Strand Board) don't want anyone to be teased at the lumber store.
Orinico (author)  Festrada00711 months ago

Noted, thanks

Awesome job!!
HPandLOTR11 months ago
That is super awesome :D
djkurtz9211 months ago
This table looks great! I want to make pallet furniture too.
Orinico (author)  djkurtz9211 months ago
Do it! It's amazingly satisfying. Soon you will find your house filled with the stuff. Or at least that's what I'm finding.
Wow! I'm tempted to try and build this but I haven't done any woodwork since high school. Thank you very much for sharing
Orinico (author)  TegansTreasures11 months ago
Thanks! Can I just say you really don't need much woodworking skills to make this. Honestly! Please post an 'ible or photos of yours when done.
Nostalgic Guy11 months ago
Nice job once again, I particularly like the pattern you have created it just goes to show what can be achieved with a little imagination & time.
gmessenger11 months ago
I was surprised at how straight forward this was to build. I may try one myself! thanks for sharing.