I made it with exchange of ideas from Techshop

(Every day we cross with a lot of possibilities :)

Step 1: ...boxes...

Step 2: ...and Staff...

(every day we collect more and more staff :(

Step 3: Than What Seams to Be Logic Is Add 1 + 1 + 1 and Get 3 in 1 ...ahaha...

Step 4: Transforming Pallets, Boxes and Staff in a Temporary Bin Wall :)))

<p>I've never seen such high quality pallets being thrown away. What a waste - so many nicer ways to use this wood.</p>
<p>Regardless of good or bad instructions. The idea behind it is clever!</p><p>If you were to cut them in half you could have shallower shelves and use less wood or have twice as many shelves. </p>
<p>Good idea, but poor instructions for an instructable.</p>
STUFF! :-)
smart...how much weight do u think it can take?
Sorry - disappointed, the whole 'project' seems pointless
Love the shelving unit. Thank you for the idea.

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