Picture of Pallets...
I made it with exchange of ideas from Techshop

(Every day we cross with a lot of possibilities :)

Step 1: ...boxes...

Picture of ...boxes...
serenitydvt013 months ago

I've never seen such high quality pallets being thrown away. What a waste - so many nicer ways to use this wood.

cow_tipper05 months ago

Regardless of good or bad instructions. The idea behind it is clever!

If you were to cut them in half you could have shallower shelves and use less wood or have twice as many shelves.

glen.ryerson.110 months ago

Good idea, but poor instructions for an instructable.

crank_girl1 year ago
STUFF! :-)
smart...how much weight do u think it can take?
Sorry - disappointed, the whole 'project' seems pointless
aaahotdog2 years ago
Love the shelving unit. Thank you for the idea.