Picture of Palm Tree Monster Armature
I am going to show you how to build an armature for any sort of monster you would like out of palm tree branches. Palm tree branches are long, they are strong, and when they dry out and turn brown, they get very hard. If you have a palm tree in your yard, why not utilize the branches of those big palm fronds. Be carful though. Some types of palm trees have thorns on the branches. One of my palm trees does, and the other does not. I avoid making anything out of the branches with the thorns.

All you need to make this is a tree cutting apparatus to get your branches (saw, lopper, whatever…), about six palm tree branches, a drill, some screws, and a bit of chicken wire. For the end product you will need something to dress your armature to make it a monster, but that part is up to you. The armature being made here became a witch.
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Step 1: Get the branches

Picture of Get the branches
Get the branches. I sawed them off as close to the trunk of the tree as possible. This way, I got the maximum amount of wood. Then cut off the leaves. Use them for something else. I used them on my pumpkin scarecrow and to block out some of the light from windows.

Step 2: Build one side of the frame

Picture of Build one side of the frame
Build one side of the frame. Take two palm tree branches and place them on the ground as wide as you want your monster to be. Take another branch and cut two pieces that will span the distance between the two large branches. You are then going to screw these cross sections into the large branches, connecting them.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2

Picture of Repeat Step 2
Repeat the process of step 2 to make the other side of the frame. Try to make the pieces about the same height with the cross sections in about the same place as your first frame. It’s no big deal if it’s not exact since everything can be trimmed down later.
n0ukf7 years ago
What you're calling chicken wire in the step 8 picture is usually called expanded metal around here. Chicken wire is a hexagonal mesh made from wire, not slits in sheet metal then stretched. Interesting construction though. However, we don't have palms of any kind growing in northern Minnesota, there's plenty of other small brush available for a similar construction.