In this instructable I will show you how to connect a wii to a tv.
Needed materials
-power cable
-HD/SD cable
-Sensor bar

Step 1: Step 1: Locate Console and Cables

 Find your nintendo wii, power cable, HD/SD cable, and sensor bar.

-The power cable is the cord that  looks like a gray brick with an attachment for power on one end and a connection to the wii on the other.

-The audio video cable varies depending if you use a HD or SD cable. Both cables have a color code. The SD cable has the red, white, and yellow connections. But, the HD cable has one more set of connections. They are colored red, green, and blue.

-The sensor bar is the long, thin, and rectangular item.
It would be nice if it would have more information/steps, like the security stuff with the wiimote and how you use the wiimote and such.
why did you make this?<br>i'd like to think the majority of people who come on the Wii section of instructables arent 5 year old orphans without parents who can't set up a wii
Apparently you did not read the &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy. I read nothing positive or constructive in your comment. How many instructables have you posted?
apologized if i sounded offensive, i just wanted to express that i didnt feel this was exactly necessary. again i apologize. and i havent posted any because as far as i am aware i cannot do anything worth while
All of the Senior High Instructables were created by students as exercises in technical writing and engineering practice. While some may not be high tech they all are someone's hard work and should be treated respectfully. <br><br>Thanks for apologizing.

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