Pan Am Costume





Introduction: Pan Am Costume

About 5 years ago I found a awesome Pan American World Airways travel bag at a thrift store so I was super excited to be able to use it this year for this costume. Inspired by the Pan Am TV show and so easy to make!!!

Step 1: Getting Ready With the Materials to Sew

Materials :
Blue fabric
White fabric for collar
Pattern for a blazer and skirt
this is the pattern that I used.
White trim for the hat
1 gold button
... then any fun accessory/prop for that vintage look.

Lay out your pattern for the blazer and the skirt - cut out then sew your 2 basic pieces for the costume. For the white collar, I just used the same pattern piece and cut it out with the white fabric then attached it to the finished jacket - so easy!

Step 2: Making the Signature Hat

Cut out your fabric on the pattern - add the white trim on the outside of the hat and to wing. Once finished add a gold button to your wing on the hat.

Step 3: Finished

You are all done - put on some retro inspired makeup to finish the look and then your ready to go!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone.



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    I used your hat tutorial to make my own. Thanks for posting it.
    Exits to the side of the plane!


    Seems like your pics poped from a Pan Am Ad. Lovely!

    Thanks!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

    Very nice period costume from a time when it was enjoyable to fly. Bet the seats were clean and everything was sparkling!

    Thanks so much!! Happy Halloween!

    This is a photo of one I made for a friend. She won 1st place last night in a costume contest!

    Pan Am Costume 005.jpg

    WOW that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it - perfect. Tell your friend she looks awesome!

    I'm not a sower but nice costume! Where'd you get the old Life magazine from? =) Happy Halloween!

    I found most of my magazines at local thrift stores over the years! You can find them all the time on ebay too!!

    Happy Halloween!!!!

    Im not gonna make one of these but, I just wanted to say that you are SMOKIN hot! ;-)