About 5 years ago I found a awesome Pan American World Airways travel bag at a thrift store so I was super excited to be able to use it this year for this costume. Inspired by the Pan Am TV show and so easy to make!!!

Step 1: Getting Ready With the Materials to Sew

Materials :
Blue fabric
White fabric for collar
Pattern for a blazer and skirt
this is the pattern that I used.
White trim for the hat
1 gold button
... then any fun accessory/prop for that vintage look.

Lay out your pattern for the blazer and the skirt - cut out then sew your 2 basic pieces for the costume. For the white collar, I just used the same pattern piece and cut it out with the white fabric then attached it to the finished jacket - so easy!

Step 2: Making the Signature Hat

Cut out your fabric on the pattern - add the white trim on the outside of the hat and to wing. Once finished add a gold button to your wing on the hat.

Step 3: Finished

You are all done - put on some retro inspired makeup to finish the look and then your ready to go!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone.
I used your hat tutorial to make my own. Thanks for posting it.<br>Exits to the side of the plane!
Seems like your pics poped from a Pan Am Ad. Lovely!
Thanks!!! Happy Halloween!!!!
Very nice period costume from a time when it was enjoyable to fly. Bet the seats were clean and everything was sparkling!
Thanks so much!! Happy Halloween!
This is a photo of one I made for a friend. She won 1st place last night in a costume contest! <br>
WOW that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it - perfect. Tell your friend she looks awesome!
I'm not a sower but nice costume! Where'd you get the old Life magazine from? =) Happy Halloween!
I found most of my magazines at local thrift stores over the years! You can find them all the time on ebay too!!<br><br>Happy Halloween!!!!
Im not gonna make one of these but, I just wanted to say that you are SMOKIN hot! ;-)<br>
Well thanks very much!!!!!!!
I really like the way you &quot;wear&quot; it. The look in the main photo is awesome. A little bit of attitude is perfect!
Thanks!! Happy Halloween!!!!
This looks fantastic! Great work. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun and be very popular this year! Love the hat!
Thanks so much!
What a great costume! It is so well made too!
Thanks so much!!!!!!!

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