This is a Chinese knot called a Pan Chang knot which brings good luck to those who wear it. This is a great gift for someone as it is fairly easy, intricate, and beautiful. You could also just make one for yourself because they are very comfortable to wear. If you want to make it extra lucky, the traditional color is red, but any color looks good.

Step 1: Materials

There are only a few materials, all of which are easy to get.

- Styrofoam block or foam board

- Sewing Pins

- 2 yards of sring for the ring (approximatly 4.5 yards for a bracelet)

-- yarn, leather, silk, hemp, or paracord would all work to tie it

- Clear nail polish or super glue

Yep, that's it!

<p>hi. Love your project. Am making it right now. But I am stuck at step 7. I am using yarn, and I don't really know how to tighten it to make that cute flower that you ended up with! Help!</p>
<p>It looks great so far AditiN! You are definitely on the right track. </p><p>Okay, so first you want to locate the diagonal loop. This is going to be the longest loop that wraps around your finger. It is opposite the two strings that you ended with. Orientation is important when you are tightening the knot, so make sure that you keep these two aligned. </p><p>Next, you want to follow where the diagonal loop goes into the knot. Look for where it comes out, and pull on it until you get the diagonal the size of it wrapped around your finger. Don't loose sight of this new loop that you pulled out. This new loop that you pulled out will need to be re-tightened to be flush with the knot (it isn't a petal!). Now you want to continue following the string until it comes out of the knot. You realize that this loop is one of the petals! Pull on the petal until the previous loop that you made disappears and flattens out. </p><p>Now you are going to repeat this process with this petal (as you did with the diagonal). However, these new loops will be a lot smaller to give it a flower shape. Continue until you do 3 loops on one side and pull on one of the hanging strings at the end. (This is what the first photo in step 7 depicts). Repeat this on the other side with the remaining 3 petals until you get your little flower!</p><p>I hoped this helped a little, but if you have any more questions, please ask!</p><p>MaeBerry</p>
I can't wait to make this, your instructions &amp; photos are very clear &amp; I'm sure I'll have no problems. My three nieces will be excited to get something so beautiful. I am sure they will be making them soon! Thank you for such a well done ible!
<p>Thank you rose_adamaj! It is really fun to make variations in color and size and try different materials with this design. If you have any questions while making them, just ask!</p>
This is amazing! :-) I'm going to gather everything I need to make this and my granddaughter and I will attempt to make these together! Thank you.
<p>Thank you Dizzyslover! I hope you have a lot of fun making them together!</p>
Love intricate look arising from a simple material. I am going to try making this as a bracelet. Am correct in guessing I finish the bracelet like the ring? Can it be slid off and on without much difficulty? Great work.
<p>Yes! Although make it sure that when you are making a bracelet that it is sized correctly to fit the largest part of your hand. It will act like a bangle if you make it in this way, but it shouldn't be difficult to put on or take off. </p>
I love this ring and I'll be sure to make it for all my friends
<p>I love the ring you made for me Maeberry! You are so talented!</p>
<p>This is amazing...you have such talent. Keep up the good work.</p>
<p>This is very cool I will certainly be trying this!</p>
<p>thank you for sharing beautiful well done project looks easy to follow you</p><p>instructable will try this for a freind</p>

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