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A few weeks ago i was look at an instructable for sweet potato fries. Having tried them, i was amazed how good they tasted. But being a lazy person, I felt it took too long to make and burnt to easily. The first problem was the oven. Potato always takes a long time to bake, so that had to be eliminated. Second was that they burnt too easily, so it had to be a method fast and easy to check on and remove when perfect. The only answer was to fry them in a pan. Now this method is very versatile. It works well with regular potatoes (the ones meant for frying work best) and doesn't have to be long fries, home fries can be made along with hash browns. This time i made regular French fries.


After doing much research on french fries, i learned a few things that will make a much better french fry. First, when you add the oil to the pan, add a little bit of old, used oil. This will help make the fries brown evenly and be fluffy on the inside. The second is that the oil needs to be at 350-375 degrees before the fries can be added.The oil should foam when they are added.

Step 1: Cut the potato

Picture of Cut the potato
This is the part that has the most choice, sweet potato, regular, fries, homefries (cubes) hash browns, skin, no-skin. Its all a matter of choice. I happen to like regular fries with the skin still on them.

First wash and cut the potato in half. Then into quarters. Once in quarters, carefully chop into the desired size, I personally cut each half into roughly into 6 pieces.

each potato large potato should make a serving suitable for one person.
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acicigoi6 months ago

this would be great for camping

wow great

ksuel4 years ago
Sometimes its the simplest things that work best. OK more then sometimes.

Grape seed oil (or other decent health oil), potatoes, cast iron skillet, sharp knife, sea salt.

Fast food.... why?
lizziet1174 years ago
Do I HAVE to share?
Lerrinus5 years ago
My dad makes these but instead of cutting them into fries, he just slices the potato, salts it and pan fries the slices. Yum! Good Instructable! :-)
droppocket5 years ago
hey what about the sweet patato---I microw it for 3 min. then slice it length wise. The fry it in oil and then sprinkle brown sugar and cinnimen on them.
Bicycleman6 years ago
These need mayo! ...possibly an aioli or a honey flavored one. I should do a home-made mayo instructables one day, Too may people rely on that store-bought infamity.
hedgiehog (author)  Bicycleman6 years ago
mayonaise, it's that white stuff in a bottle
hedgiehog (author)  earnst2w86 years ago
i know what mayonaise is, but on fries?
yes!! always and some ketchup ( heinz ) , we always do mayonaise on our fries here in holland. ( where are you from usa?) i thougt every one did mayonaise on their fries:D(in europe)
hedgiehog (author)  earnst2w86 years ago
I'm Canadian, so ive never seen mayonaise on anything but a sandwich.
TessT hedgiehog6 years ago
Hey, hey, now....Don't lump all Canadians together hedgie. I'm third generation and have been eating 'mayo' on my fries since I was a kid. Maybe you're one of those po' Center of the universe Eastern Canucks who was robbed of the right to White Spot Restaurants as a kid? ;-) Best 'pink mayo on the planet! I also lived in the Southern States where they were stunned when I requested gravy for my fried potatoes. So what do they put on every other kind of Potato? Weird,huh? Oh, and don't even get me started on that kiddy glue they call white gravy and soak they're biscuits in. Ooops, I digress...
OldDaddy TessT5 years ago
Well Tess, I'm a bit East of White Spots home Province but not Center of the Universe East. We have White Spot. I'm surprised that I'm not hearing Chipotle Mayo, or is that what you call pink Mayo? Now that,s a dip for your sweet potato fries, or regular fries if you prefer. Hard to find at the grocery store but easy to make. Puree a little Chipotle en Adobo and mix with Mayo to your taste. A White Spot special.
I know right? But I'm American xD I only use ketchup OR salt on my fries, not both.
America is a very big place, in eastern PA mayo is common as is vinegar, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, brown sugar.... and well just about anything.
Yes! I am from USA (massachusetts) and I love mayo on my french fries! I always feel like I belong in europe, never been. (i'm a "strange" one (depends where you're from i guess!) haha) but yeah, WOO for mayo on fries!!!!!!!
oh well everyone who doesnt put mayo on their fries, just try it once its just freakin delicious:D
Well I'm from the UK Brown sauce with everything! There will I'm sure be those who disagree, they just can't cope with the complex flavors and challenging tonal texture... or something
Tobita jokerlz5 years ago
Brown sauce on fries, just too savory/salty for me.
i like salt, pepper, and vinegar on my fries. i'll have to try mayo at some point though.
shooby therush6 years ago
I'm from Holland, but live in Massachusetts, and yes, mayo with fries is the best! Maar soms lust ik wel patat oorlog, hier vind je het nergens.
i like plain fries
That's a jar.
Yes, in fact I am a knowitall
Is it a jar if it's made of plastic?
what if it's really just an open door? how can a door that's ajar hold mayonnaise?
thanks i first typed jar but i changed it to bottle :D but i'm not english so i just had to guess:D
Well, you had a 50/50 chance then ;) Cool avatar btw.
I am surprised no one mentioned Fry Sauce http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Fry-Sauce/Detail.aspx
Doctor What5 years ago
Scrumptious.  I just made a serving for myself.  Late night snack! 
tezzz6 years ago
Hold it ! Ah sed Hold it thar son! Now this is how to do it . They are called CHIPS. Take your french fries (Or chips) Now boil them first.. brush with olive oil then bake them or fry them or deep fry them. Take out when crispy on the outside. squeeze LEMON JUICE OVER THEM, not VINEGAR WHICH MAKES THEM SOFT. dO THE SAME FOR BAKED POTATOES OMITTING THE LEMON JUICE. cRISPY OUTSIDE SOFT INSIDE
awang8 tezzz5 years ago
Argh, reading that comment makes the little voice inside my head (used for reading) talking with a cowboy accent...
Ha!  I'M hearing Foghorn Leghorn!  And now I'm hungry for fried chicken and potatoes....
lowercase6 years ago
di_li_shooz! How do you add vinegar to the fries? with an airbrush? (really. I'd like to know, it sounds good.)
hedgiehog (author)  lowercase6 years ago
you can get small bottles that are made for vingear, that keep it from pouring out fast, so that you can pour it around, then just add salt and thanks to the vingear it wil stick to the fries
the top on my vinegar bottle is messed up so it pours onstead of coming out slowly... meh... i put lots of vinegar on my fries anyway... lol
I have seen vinegar put in spray bottles at chippie wagons-works great!
hedgiehog (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
thats a good idea
babook6 years ago
i like potato by fries it delicious much i had been to did it easy to handled it : )
Those fries look delicious. I personally am a fan of the plain fry, perhaps with some salt. I only use ketchup if the fries themselves are inferior and thus need to be improved, and it's a sad day when ketchup is an improvement on anything. As for mayo, yech. Though I have a friend from the Mid-East who always eats his fries with mayo, when he eats them at all. I'm not sure if that's common where he's from or not.
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