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Introduction: Pan Fries

A few weeks ago i was look at an instructable for sweet potato fries. Having tried them, i was amazed how good they tasted. But being a lazy person, I felt it took too long to make and burnt to easily. The first problem was the oven. Potato always takes a long time to bake, so that had to be eliminated. Second was that they burnt too easily, so it had to be a method fast and easy to check on and remove when perfect. The only answer was to fry them in a pan. Now this method is very versatile. It works well with regular potatoes (the ones meant for frying work best) and doesn't have to be long fries, home fries can be made along with hash browns. This time i made regular French fries.


After doing much research on french fries, i learned a few things that will make a much better french fry. First, when you add the oil to the pan, add a little bit of old, used oil. This will help make the fries brown evenly and be fluffy on the inside. The second is that the oil needs to be at 350-375 degrees before the fries can be added.The oil should foam when they are added.

Step 1: Cut the Potato

This is the part that has the most choice, sweet potato, regular, fries, homefries (cubes) hash browns, skin, no-skin. Its all a matter of choice. I happen to like regular fries with the skin still on them.

First wash and cut the potato in half. Then into quarters. Once in quarters, carefully chop into the desired size, I personally cut each half into roughly into 6 pieces.

each potato large potato should make a serving suitable for one person.

Step 2: Cooking

Cooking the potatoes doesn't take a master chef. First thing you need to do is to take your pan and add either vegetable oil or butter to it, a few table spoons of either will do. This choice is a health thing, but also a taste, personally i go with the butter because butter is the spice of life. Since i had made a batch of fries a few minutes before this one, the pan already has some butter in it, which i will reuse, im sure that I will get lots of complaints about this, but im too lazy to wash the pan again.

Heat the pan the medium heat, and toss your fries in. keep an eye on them, and flip every few minutes, this will ensure even cooking. After about 10 minutes they will start to brown a little, and usually are done after about 15 minutes. Keep and eye on them and remove when golden brown.

Step 3: Share and Eat

Now remove and eat. Great with loads of salt and vinegar, ketchup or even plum sauce.




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    this would be great for camping

    Sometimes its the simplest things that work best. OK more then sometimes.

    Grape seed oil (or other decent health oil), potatoes, cast iron skillet, sharp knife, sea salt.

    Fast food.... why?

    My dad makes these but instead of cutting them into fries, he just slices the potato, salts it and pan fries the slices. Yum! Good Instructable! :-)

    hey what about the sweet patato---I microw it for 3 min. then slice it length wise. The fry it in oil and then sprinkle brown sugar and cinnimen on them.

    These need mayo! ...possibly an aioli or a honey flavored one. I should do a home-made mayo instructables one day, Too may people rely on that store-bought infamity.

    mayonaise, it's that white stuff in a bottle


    i know what mayonaise is, but on fries?