Pan Seared Salmon

Okay, this was a recipe I made up last night, I read one other recipe online , but didn't like sound of some of the ingredients, so I redid it. On the side I have some mixed herb potato medallions (bonus material - potato medallion recipe included!)  This is an easy meal, tastes great, and makes you look impressive to other people.
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Step 3: Pan searing

Take a pan, I suggest not using a non stick pan, they brown better without them (don't ask me why). The pan I'm  using is a solid copper skillet with a tinned coating on the inside. Works great for things like this. Heat up the pan and pour in a little oil, just enough to coat the bottom. Drop the salmon in the pan (if it has skin on it, cook the flesh side first, and it should peel off easily before flipping it). Brown one side, then flip it and sear the other side. Takes about 15 minutes to cook the whole thing. You want nice crispy brown sides, but not overcooked insides.

If your patient enough, and have steady hands, use the spatula to hold it up on the large sides and brown those. I did it to one side, but got bored of holding it, and didn't do the other side.
gabbsy1233 years ago
brilliant recipe and it is soo tasty!!
DELICIOUS! Your plating is lovely.