Okay, this was a recipe I made up last night, I read one other recipe online , but didn't like sound of some of the ingredients, so I redid it. On the side I have some mixed herb potato medallions (bonus material - potato medallion recipe included!)  This is an easy meal, tastes great, and makes you look impressive to other people.

Step 1: What you need (for the salmon)

Supplies -

Basic kitchen utensils, pan, oven, spatula, etc....


Salmon steaks (I like sockeye, fresh is best, but this time I used frozen ones. It's what I had)

Lemon juice


Fresh ground black pepper (fresh ground is more powerful than preground pepper, use accordingly)

oil (I use olive)
brilliant recipe and it is soo tasty!!
look impressive. <a href="http://www.hqew.net/product-data/TDA7293" rel="nofollow" title="TDA7293">TDA7293</a> <br>
DELICIOUS! Your plating is lovely.

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