Picture of Pan Seared Salmon
Okay, this was a recipe I made up last night, I read one other recipe online , but didn't like sound of some of the ingredients, so I redid it. On the side I have some mixed herb potato medallions (bonus material - potato medallion recipe included!)  This is an easy meal, tastes great, and makes you look impressive to other people.

Step 1: What you need (for the salmon)

Picture of What you need (for the salmon)
Supplies -

Basic kitchen utensils, pan, oven, spatula, etc....


Salmon steaks (I like sockeye, fresh is best, but this time I used frozen ones. It's what I had)

Lemon juice


Fresh ground black pepper (fresh ground is more powerful than preground pepper, use accordingly)

oil (I use olive)
gabbsy1234 years ago
brilliant recipe and it is soo tasty!!
DELICIOUS! Your plating is lovely.