Pan & Tilt Servo bracket controlled by Arduino

Picture of Pan & Tilt Servo bracket controlled by Arduino
Hi, in this instructable i am showing you how to build a very nice and very sturdy pan & tilt turret for your rc / arduino projects.
(Please don`t judge my english grammer etc. i`m from holland)
The things that you need for this project are not expansive or hard to find so it should be easy to build.
You don`t need expansive tools or anything to build this, just use your imagination and some handy hands :D
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
The materials and tools that you're going to need.


- Arduino Uno (or other)
- example code (included)
- 7 wires
- breadboard
- camera tripod (i used a small one)
- aluminum plate (1mm thick)
- 4 miniture nuts and screws
- 8 (3x10mm) allen screws and 8 nuts
- 1 servo horn at least with 4 holes
- 1 big nut for the tripod (i got this from an old camera)


- miniature jigsaw
- ruler
- pencil
- the design of your brackets (included)
- sandpaper
- drill
- screwdriver
- vice (for bending)

Step 2: Design

Picture of design
First you need to draw the disign on the aluminum. 

Step 3: Jigsaw

Picture of jigsaw
Now you need to saw the design out of the aluminum very carefully with the jigsaw.
try to make the saw lines as smooth as possible so when it's done it looks really nice.


Mension that in the second picture there are no holes for the screws to mount the servo, i've done this because the dimensions of every servo are slighly different !
So you must figuer that part out by yourself !
ZhongK3 months ago

Hoi Dutch guy.

Do u have a instruction for me to connect my servo controller to my PI B..??

or a link to a site where i can find it?

4ndres2 years ago
Awesome, can you control it with two separate potentiometers? Also, where did you get that "minitool"?
markie (author)  4ndres2 years ago
Thank you! and sorry for the late comment, ive been very busy lately.
yes you can control it with two potmeters, i do not have the code for that, sorry.
I got the minitool from my father when i was 12 so i ectually dont even know where he bought it.
4ndres markie2 years ago
Do you know the name of a similar tool?
markie (author)  4ndres2 years ago
No im sorry, i do know a few but there over 100 euro's and i dont know if you can buy them in your country.

gr mark

Very nice instructable! I am working on a project and I have been designing and looking for a system just like this. One of the big issues I run into is mounting something onto the top servo. I am looking connect an adjustable mirror to the top servo but there's hardly anything that can go up there that doesn't create too much torque on the servo. Have you tried mounting anything to that top servo? And when you connect something heavier, does it burden the servo?

Thanks, and nice job!
markie (author)  Ellen the Generous2 years ago
HI Ellen, and thank you :) I mounted a IR camera on top of the servo but the camera only weighs like 250 Gr. so the servo can easily move it around. i think the best you can do is make a top bracket with support on both ends. so the servo on the left and a bracket on the right with a flat surface in between, something like in the picture will help your servo with the tilting because it takes less torque. And how much does your mirror weighs?

gr Mark :)
meanpc2 years ago
Nice work and a good looking instructable!
markie (author)  meanpc2 years ago
Thanks :D
nice project! Was there something special you built this to shoot?
markie (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Thanks! and actually yes :) i'm working on a security system, there's going to be an instructable for that too. it involves the arduino, lcd, joystick, a paintballgun, some more aluminum, and i hope 2 xbee's too for making it al wireles :D
cool! tip on the xbee shield in case you're thinking of using it- both arduinos have to be running off batteries or the power jack to work, don't power them with the usb port, it screws up the communication. This frustrated me for a very long time once.
markie (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
okay , thanks for the info ! :)