A spectacular holiday loaf from Venezuela that's kept in the family. It's a challenging culinary project that will take you all over the kitchen and all over your palate. So let's get right to it.

You will need sliced pork of some sort, basic bread ingredients, olives, capers, butter, dried fruit, 1 beaten egg, and a functional kitchen.

Step 1: The Meat

Jamón is ham, and this loaf traditionally features plenty of it. I make mine with roast pork loin because it is better in every way. It's just about cheapest and leanest cut of meat you can buy, easy to prepare, tasty, and has little waste. 

Do everything you can to add flavor. I bury it in spices and let it pickle in the fridge overnight. Roast, water bath, or grill to an internal temperature of 145F. Then let it rest until cool. Slice as thin as you can and bag it to have ready. About 2 pounds is good.

But you can use ham if you want to be old-fashioned.
Oooooh YUM. I'll have to try this recipe sometime.<br>And I also have a few recipe secrets I don't share with anyone.
<p>I hate that. </p><p>We have a friend whose mother comes down to visit, and likes to borrow my heavy skillets. She invites us to a very satisfying Southern dinner on those occasions. But when I try to help, she shoos me right out of the kitchen. How can we learn?</p>
<p>trial and error, is how i got my secret recipes.<br>you can ask her flat out for the recipes.<br>my mother and i don't get along well, so when she shared some of her family recipes, i was floored :o lol</p>
This is such a lovely looking dish! Thanks so much for sharing and do have a nice evening! <br>sunshiine
My mouth is watering! It sounds delicious!
It really is a circus of flavors and colors and textures. I only make it once a year, but I like thinking about it in between.

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