Introduction: Pan Protectors --- Make Your Mrs Happy! (by Doing the Cooking Yourself!!)

Picture of Pan Protectors --- Make Your Mrs Happy! (by Doing the Cooking Yourself!!)

We bought some nice new (expensive) stone coated pans and I didn't want them getting scratched or looking untidy so I decided to make some simple protectors for them

Tools and Materials

A Saw (I used a table saw as I have one)

Hole Saw (although a drill/fostner bit will do)

Router (a file or plane will do the job)

Some timber off cuts I used Macrocarpia 50mm thick

Step 1: Use One of These or a Handsaw

Picture of Use One of These or a Handsaw

To cut a couple of triangles

Step 2: Drill/cut a Hole in the Centre

Picture of Drill/cut a Hole in the Centre

Use a fostner bit or hole saw

Step 3: Chamfer the Edges

Picture of Chamfer the Edges

Use a plane, file or , because I had one, a router with rounding off bit

Step 4: And Voila, From This

Picture of And Voila, From This

An untidy mess

Step 5: To This

Picture of To This

As they say "Robert's your mother's brother"


buck2217 (author)2014-08-21

Deepest apologies for my faceciousness, I actually do the majority of cooking at home, my wife does the clever, fancy stuff, I do the stuff we can eat!!

By the way facecious (and its derivatives) is one of only 2 words in the english language with all the vowels in order ( the other is abstemious)

Jobar007 (author)2014-08-21

Why the hole?

Oh, and by the way, Robert is my father's brother... :)

buck2217 (author)Jobar0072014-08-21

The hole is because not all pans are flat and allows any residual heat to dissipate more easily

buck2217 (author)2014-08-21

I do most of the cooking despite my wife being a cordon bleu trained chef , and they are my pans!

Involved Observer (author)2014-08-21

Well done - an excellent idea and a well put together Instructable. Can't wait to make a set for my missus. Thanks for posting this! (And my wife does the cooking BECAUSE she enjoys it and is much better at it, not because I can't.)

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