Pan/Platter Liners


Introduction: Pan/Platter Liners

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Storage space tight? Pans and platters getting scratched? Got non-slip liner(stuff you put under rugs for them to stay put) for some foamy substance lying around? Make some pan/platter liners.

-Non-Slip Liner/foamy sorta material(one in pic was $1.50 USD for 5'x1')
-pencil ruler compass(optional)

Step 1: Making a Stencil

You can't make a liner thats a circle because it'd bunch up when put into a bowl and the bowl put in wouldn't sit right, so you have to make a sorta asterisk. I used the compass with a diameter of 1' so I could make 5 liners.

Step 2: Tracing Pattern Onto Liner

My mom asked me, 'Why don't you just fold it and cut once?". I looked at her and returned to my work without a reply.

Step 3: Cutting Liners


Step 4: Finish, Now Stack Your Pans/platters

Corrections: best to make them bigger so the arms extend past the rims of the bowls/pans to ensure maximum protection from scratches. The liners we used were a bit thin, but did the trick. Thicker would be better, but also more expensive.



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    Great idea - defo going to do this.