Panasonic G1 / GH1 Remote Shutter Release


Introduction: Panasonic G1 / GH1 Remote Shutter Release

Remote shutter release cable for Panasonic G1 / GH1.

You will require:

1x 2.5mm 4 Pole jack
1x 36k resistor
1x 3k resistor
1x 2k resisor
2 switches
2 core wire
Small box

Soldering iron + solder

Information is provided to aid users to create their own shutter release cables.



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    probably easier to get a cheap $5 panasonic wired remote trigger and mod it. parts alone, unless you can get it easy, probably cost more to buy these from radio shack.

    Thumb up for the DIYer tho.

    One more comment for those wanting to use 1 switch. Just remove and bridge the 3K resistor (i.e. connect the 2K to the 36K), then the half-press switch isn't required. The camera (at least my GX1) will focus and fire the shutter in sequence automatically. Note that I did change the 36K to a 39K to keep the overall resistance the same, but not sure if that's really important.

    I've made this remote shutter release together with a friend last saturday.
    He's developed a PCB which was 1.6cm - 0.9cm with SMD components on it. We've used a double action PCB switch which can be easily pressed with your thumb.
    The remote works like a charm and it's very compact.
    As a safety measure we've sprayed plastic spray over the PCB (covered the switch so it wouldn't get stuck) and then we've wrapped it up in shrink hose. In the shrink hose we'd first cut a hole for the switches pressing button.

    I have a Panasonic GH2 and i connected it in the fashion described, but it does not seem to work. I tested the 2.5mm jack for shorts or breaks in the wire and double checked for cold solder joints. I also used very similar resistances, i wonder if they changed something on the GH2 from the GH1.

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    Did you find a solution for the GH2 connector? I appreciate any hint :)


    simply intervalometer for panasonic lumix and more

    Can anyone tell me the direction of current flow?
    I'd like to use an optocoupler but I don't have the camera with me...
    Is it towards the base of the connector or towards the ring?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello Xyzzy!!

    Dang thank God I found this post!!! Tried making a remote shutter for FZ100 and it didn't work... All because I didn't know that it needed some resistors to power up! Will this series work on FZ100? Don't wanna fry up my camera.. Thanks!!

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    works even with 1k + .5k instead of 2k 2k + .7k instead of 3k a trio of resistances with the value of 34.47k instead of 36k

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    Worked for me with 44k + 2.8k + 1.4k resistors.
    Switch for half press, red button for full press.

    P1000169 (Bearbeitet in GIMP Bildbearbeitung).JPGP1000168 (Bearbeitet in GIMP Bildbearbeitung).JPG

    Hi xuxa,

    Did you end up getting this to work? I have just bought a GH1 and want to try it out but you said you had some problems with your setup. Are there any tips you can give a fellow GH1 user or should I just follow this instructable?



    Hi Frakenegger!  Yes!  The circuit works exactly as described.  See my other comment below.

    I'm waiting for a few optoisolaters to arrive and will then resume my quest to build a great intervalometer for the GH1.  :)

    Good luck Frakenegger!  If you have questions, feel free to email me through .

    Ahh silly me,

    I should have looked at the dates on the replies. Can't wait to try this out!


    This circuit is a great info snippit...........
    On eBay they sell a remote that works for: Panasonic G1, GH1, FZ30, FZ50, L1, L10, DMW-RS1 and I know DMW-RSL1 uses the same as DMW-RS1 and I know FZ20 uses the same as FZ50.
    This suggests this circuit should work for quite a lot of Panasonic cameras.

    Just what I need!


    Haha.  Don't mind me anyone... With the Panasonic GH1 (I got mine in Japan but it's probably identical to the US version in terms of hardware), the circuit above works exactly as designed.

    I was trying to get the camera to respond to a 5kohm resistance (as it sees during a half-press) and the camera would do nothing.  The trick is that the camera first has to see the 41kohms of all three resistors in series.  I guess the camera uses 41kohms to indicate there is a shutter remote plugged in, then 5kohm to indicate a half-press, then 2kohm for a full press.

    Thank you for this info, Xyzzy!


    Hello Xyzzy! I received the part from and am pleased to find that it is a proper four-wire 2.5mm plug. Unfortunately, I am not able to get my Panasonic GH1 camera to respond to the resistances you've described above. I have a set of resistors in series that add up to 5Kohms (+/- .05 Kohms) but when I connect them to contacts 3 and 4 (counting from the tip as 1), I can't get the camera to focus. (I've also tried connecting that resistance across all combinations of leads.) Touching contacts 3 and 4 directly together makes the camera give an on-screen notice that I need to turn the microphone power on - so at least I know the connector is making contact with the inside of the camera. The camera is set to Auto Focus Single and P mode. I must be doing something silly... Do you have to set anything on your camera to enable a remote shutter? Thanks in advance for any advice.