Picture of Panavise Junior Speed Nut Hack
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I use my panavise (Jr) all the time, but often find myself having to crank by hand from one end to the other.  No more with this simple hack.  My trusty nut driver does all the work.

Step 1: Find a bolt

Picture of Find a bolt
Find a bolt that will fit your nut driver.  Almost all nut drivers are 1/4" hex.  This was just an extra bolt I had around.

Technically, this is a hex washer head sheet metal screw, but that's just the engineer in me speaking.
Void Schism4 years ago
The engineer (and pedant) in me wants to point out that it's a screw not a bolt ;)
Great and simple idea
AWESOME. I'm totally doing this to my PanaVise!
rimar20005 years ago