Panda Cake: Failz





Introduction: Panda Cake: Failz

About: I love to sew, as I'm sure you can see from my ibles ;) I also love lawn flamingos, going to the beach, dinosaurs, and doing random stuff.

Well...Here's my panda cake....It looks really bad....



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    Looks more like a cat

    Ummm Wouldnt quite call it a panda but looks nice all the same!!=)

    I looked that up after you said that. I'm left wishing I hadn't :|

    OH MY GOD. D:
    That is scary.
    None taken, I actually totally agree.

    Dude, I'd love to have that cake for my birthday! It looks retro, and to be honest, the messier, the better! I only care how good it tastes! :D

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    Haha really?! I suppose it really does only matter how it tastes. It was way better than any storebought pre-made cake I've ever had :D 

     the shape was awesome, but the frosting is crappy. its still flippin  awesome!! 

    Aaahh!!! Ok.....I am 'definitely gonna have nightmares about that!


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    It was very yummy! I ate it by myself in two days....

    ...then got nightmares.....

    And a stomach ache....

    lol, then more nightmares.

    Haha thanks. It tasted really good and I ate it in two days....None else at my house had any of it...

    It would probably look even worse!!!

    Keep trying till it's awesome!

    But that'd take too much cake!