Well...Here's my panda cake....It looks really bad....
Looks more like a cat
Ummm Wouldnt quite call it a panda but looks nice all the same!!=)
GOD. It looks like that harlequin ichthyosis baby. No offense.
I looked that up after you said that. I'm left wishing I hadn't :|
OH MY GOD. D: <br>AHHHH <br>That is scary. <br>None taken, I actually totally agree.
Dude, I'd love to have that cake for my birthday!&nbsp;It looks retro, and to be honest, the messier, the better! I only care how good it tastes!&nbsp;:D<br />
Haha really?! I&nbsp;suppose it really does only matter how it tastes. It was way better than any storebought pre-made cake I've ever had :D&nbsp;
&nbsp;the shape was awesome, but the frosting is crappy. its still flippin &nbsp;awesome!!&nbsp;
Aaahh!!! Ok.....I am '<strong>definitely</strong> gonna have nightmares about that!<br/><br/>*shudder*<br/>
It was very yummy! I ate it by myself in two days....
...then got nightmares.....
And a stomach ache....
lol, then more nightmares.
This is funny. (added to favorites)
Haha thanks. It tasted really good and I ate it in two days....None else at my house had any of it...
Try again!
It would probably look even worse!!!
Keep trying till it's awesome!
But that'd take too much cake!
Wouldn't it be worth it?
I suppose

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