Picture of Panda hat

My daughter likes pandas so I thought she would like this hat and it would keep her warm this winter. You could probably make any sort of animal.
Things you will need- 
1/2 yard of black fleece and 1/2 yard of white. (you will have left over fabric)
Some sort of paper to make your pattern. I just used white printer paper.
White and black thread.
Sewing machine. (I got mine for 10 bucks at secondhand shop :D )

Step 1: Items you will need:

Picture of Items you will need:
1/2 yard white fleece
1/2 yard black fleece
black thread
white thread
pen and paper (to make your pattern on)
Sewing machine

I want to do this and make it look like a red panda!

cute panda
super cute
HMice3 years ago
I <3 Pandas! Yay! Pandas rock! Go pandas! Don't become extinct!
Sorry....I'll be quiet now.....

Nice 'ible
Gee *--* I just need that hat! I will make one! \o/ Thank you so much! :D
Jyssa5 years ago
My 4yr old son said "mum why's that hat sad?"
zomfibame5 years ago
... now you should get some "googaly eyes" like cookie-monster has n' glue them on it!
zomfibame5 years ago
haaaa haaaa, My sister would love a hat like this.
Iridium75 years ago
 You should make more photos. Trust me, it helps a lot more.