Panda Hat





Introduction: Panda Hat

My daughter likes pandas so I thought she would like this hat and it would keep her warm this winter. You could probably make any sort of animal.
Things you will need- 
1/2 yard of black fleece and 1/2 yard of white. (you will have left over fabric)
Some sort of paper to make your pattern. I just used white printer paper.
White and black thread.
Sewing machine. (I got mine for 10 bucks at secondhand shop :D )

Step 1: Items You Will Need:

1/2 yard white fleece
1/2 yard black fleece
black thread
white thread
pen and paper (to make your pattern on)
Sewing machine

Step 2: Pattern.

Draw pattern out on paper  (this is the one i used)
ears x4
patch around eyes x2
white circles for eyes x2
nose x1
Hat shapes x2
One long black strip for brim x1 (about 4 inches wide by 25 inches was what I used)

Step 3: Pinning and Cutting.

Take your pattern and pin it to the fabric. Then cut out.

Step 4: Preparation.

Pin the items together to be sewn.

Step 5: Sewing Ears.

Line up the ears (2 per side) and sew around outside curve of the ear (Leave the bottom open). Turn rightside out. 

Step 6: Optional.

 Optional- Sew around the ears about 1/2 inch in to add definition.

Step 7: Sewing the Eyes.

Once aligned. Sew a 1/4 inch or so around the inside of the white patches of the eyes.
Set aside for later.

Step 8: Attaching the Ears to the Main Part of the Hat.

Place ears inside at the top of the two hat pieces, pin together. Begin sewing the hat together along the curve leaving the bottom open.

Step 9: Sewing on the Eyes and Nose to the Hat.

Turn rightside out and pin eyes and nose to the front of hat. 
Once aligned. Sew a 1/4 inch or so around the inside of the black patches, eyes and nose.

Step 10: The Brim.

Pin black strip to make the brim around the bottom of the hat and sew.
Finish by trimming loose strings.



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    10 Discussions

    I love it

    I <3 Pandas! Yay! Pandas rock! Go pandas! Don't become extinct!
    Sorry....I'll be quiet now.....

    Nice 'ible

    Gee *--* I just need that hat! I will make one! \o/ Thank you so much! :D

    My 4yr old son said "mum why's that hat sad?"

    ... now you should get some "googaly eyes" like cookie-monster has n' glue them on it!

     You should make more photos. Trust me, it helps a lot more.