Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make a 3D Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card





Introduction: Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make a 3D Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Handmade paper quilling Christmas tree card makes a difference as a gift. Today’s tutorial will tell you how to make a 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card. Quilling paper is a widely used card-making method. In today’s DIY Christmas tree card, I will show you a 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card. All the materials used in this Christmas tree card are quilling papers, you can find all of them on Pandahall. You can use other color quilling card, it’s OK. Follow my tutorial and try to make this paper quilling card.

Step 1: Supplies in Making a 3D Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card:

5MM Golden Yellow Quilling Paper

5MM Yellow Quilling Paper

5MM Green Quilling Paper

5MM Bright Red Quilling Paper

5MM Blue Quilling Paper

Yellow Quilling Card

Rolling Pen


White Glue

Step 2: Roll 6 Circle Petals

1st, roll a circle with an entire green quilling paper, disperse a little and stick the end firmly;

2nd, stick each layer at the same point, then make the other 5 circle petals.

Step 3: Make a Christmas Tree Crown Base

1st, roll about 11 small circles with yellow quilling paper and bright red quilling paper, each circle is about half of an entire quilling paper;

2nd, inset one or two small circles into each second layer of petals. Just like the picture below.

Step 4: Fold Triangle Trunk

1st, fold a big equilateral triangle, about 2.5cm, with an entire blue quilling paper, wrap it around the equilateral triangle;

2nd, fold another small equilateral triangle, about 1.5cm, and wrap it about the triangle;

3rd, inset the smaller triangle into the bigger one, stick each coincident side firmly.

Step 5: Make a Christmas Tree

Stick Christmas tree crown with trunk.

Step 6: Stick Christmas Tree to the Card

Daub white glue on one side of this Christmas tree sufficiently, stick it to bottom of the yellow quilling card.

Step 7: Stick Other Patterns to Card

Stick 2 bright red quilling paper on the bottom of card, stick 4 yellow small circles on the middle of bright red quilling paper.

Step 8:

Here is the final look of the 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card.

This Christmas tree makes easily, but it is a 3D tree, and it looks lively, right? You can send this 3D Christmas tree card to your friends on Christmas , it must be a particular gift with your talent. My tutorial on how to make paper quilling Christmas tree card has come to an end, have a nice try.



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