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Once upon a time, there was a little panda...
Not long ago he ceased exhisting, because I ate him.

Here´s a pet that everyone will want. A cute little panda cupcake that is as much fun to make as it is to eat!

It is a cupcake filled with vanilla cream and topped with "Brigadeiro"  a diferent chocolate topping.

Check it out, and enjoy !

Did you like this Panda ?
I would appreciate your comments and rating.

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Era uma vez, um pequeno panda..
Mas não há muito tempo, ele deixou de existir, por que eu o comi.

Aqui está um bichinho de estimação que todo mundo vai querer. um pandinha fofinho, que 
é muito mais divertido de se fazer do que de se comer.

Este é um Cupcake recheado com creme de bainilha e coberto de Brigadeiro.

Confira e curta!

Se você gostou do Panda, eu ficaria muito contente com sua avaliação e comentários.
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Step 1: The muffin ingredients:

Picture of The muffin ingredients:
1 cup warm milk
3 eggs
4 tablespoons margarine
2 cups sugar
1 cup cocoa powder
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon baking powder

1 Copo de leite morno
3 ovos
4 colheres de margarina
2 copos de açúcar
1 copo de chocolate em pó
2 copos de trigo
1 colher de fermento de bolo

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Jeany2 years ago
I want to make these pandas for my love as a valentine's gift! They are soo cute! How many pandas do you get with the mentioned ingredients? Are they ment for one panda or for more pandas? :)
mary candy (author)  Jeany3 months ago
For more pandas.
tpotoczny2 years ago
This is adorable and my 3 yr old will be turning 4 in 2 weeks and spotted this cake and I could not resist. She's so excited and loves panda bears and cake. Thank you for sharing this.
mary candy (author)  tpotoczny3 months ago
Please , do you have pics of your pandas?
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
mary candy (author)  sabu.dawdy3 months ago
foldzboss3 months ago

I am definitely going to make this for my sister for her birthday! Thank you!

mary candy (author)  foldzboss3 months ago
Have fun ! :D
makayla_kelly6 months ago
how much whipped cream??
mary candy (author)  makayla_kelly3 months ago
It was just a play in the kitchen.. I dont remember how much I used . sorry.
makayla_kelly6 months ago
How long do you cook the cupcakes for??
mary candy (author)  makayla_kelly3 months ago
I have no idea :D
What's That Brown/black Ball That you Putt in the butter frosting? For the head????
its too cute to eat, I just wouldn't be able to make the first bite :)
sarahlou923 years ago
how much powdered milk and cream did u use for the panda's head?
mary candy (author)  sarahlou923 years ago
Hi Sarah ,
sorry but I don't know it right :D
I just put powdered milk , until I can model it ;)
FaiaSakura3 years ago
What is the serving size/how many does the recipe make?
Do all the different recipe parts all make for the same number of cupcakes?
These are soooooo cute!! I love pandas!
mary candy (author)  FaiaSakura3 years ago
you got me..
I made just one Panda, for the pics.
The rest of the cup cakes, I made with the vanilla cream and covered with
brigadeiro. I don't remember how many it was. Maybe 12 ...
This time was the first time I made it.
preimann13 years ago
How much vanilla/rum extract do you use for the vanilla flan?
mary candy (author)  preimann13 years ago
1 tbsp ;)
Se vé delicioso , y eso que no soy goloso con los dulces,pero hay niñas en casa y es una gran idea para postre. El Señor te bendiga.
mary candy (author)  lucasunodiecinueve3 years ago
Gracias ;)
Mentop45254 years ago
n 14 days u got about 10,000 views good job http://engkino.com/
sunshiine4 years ago
I missed u and dundee so bad I decided to come see panda! Wow a lot of views! Great going!
mary candy (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
I'm missing Dundee too, but I know , where he is living, it's better for him.
I'm thinking to go there and take some pics for the Pets Chalenge ;)
That is a terriffic idea! Unusual too! You go girl!
mary candy (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
How to feed your Crocodile :D
Ohhhhh I am quivering! That is totally awesome! How not to feed a croc your hand! Dundee snacks, Crocodile Dundee Munchies, "Danger! Do Not Enter! All Moving Objects Dundee Treats." I know they are lame but thought I would pass it on anyway.
mary candy (author) 4 years ago
he was usually fed once a week. At the Zoo I think it 's the same .
He loves chicken. :P
in 14 days u got about 10,000 views good job
mary candy (author)  harry potter rules4 years ago

mary candy (author)  harry potter rules4 years ago
I did see it !!! I'm so glad !
I can't imagine so far this Panda is going lol

thanks Harry for commenting.

no probs
Chirpoff4 years ago
Congratulations on your win!!! Awesome! :D Enjoy your totally cool apron!
mary candy (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
did you see it ? over 16,224 views !!
WOW!!! That's AWEsome! :D *high five*
mary candy (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
today 2,349 views. I'm very happy !
COOL! Fantastic! That's a bunch!!!
mary candy (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
thanks dear!
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