This is a portable music player that can play most if not all internet radio available including your own music collection. No need to connect to an amplifier & additional speakers, so you can take this away from home as long as you have access to broadband.

The design ideal was to produce a sleek, minimal, stylish device that is a 'no compromise' internet music player. For the player there seemed no other choice than Slimdevices Squeezebox 3 (http://www.slimdevices.com). This is a 'thin client device' that streams music from a server (on your pc or from the internet) The list of available music sources is right up to date & impressive (eg lastFM, Pandora, BBC listen again, shoutcast, RadioIO, Live365) It will play you music collection in any flavour you choose. My favourite is flac but mp3, ogg & most others are supported.

The case, after much research, I chose as genus pr1i. It fits my design criteria perfectly and looks cool into the bargain. The amp I chose as sonic audio's tamp. Low power, efficient, compact and sounds great. To power it all up I chose a mini ITX supply, which powers all devices simultaneously.

To summarise, it may seem onerous to collect all the components, ebay is an excellent source, however the results, if you are a music addict like me, will never leave you wanting.

Update, cleaned up front fascia with a dremel drill & added a theatrical lighting gel filter with some acetate behind for rigidity.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

- Slimdevices Squeezebox 3 site (£200 new, £70-£150 recent ebay winning prices)
- Sonic T-AMP new model tamp (£30 on ebay)
- Genus Pr1i DAB radio case (appears on ebay occasionally) (recently £10 + £8 p&p on ebay)
- mini ITX power supply (serach ebay for mini ITX EPIA) + 12v switched mode supply (£30-£40 new)
- audio & power cables(rs componets, farnell etc)
- mounting posts (rs componets, farnell etc) maplin
- display perspex (this is to filter squeezebox display, I've not sourced a suitable filter yet)
- mains power connector & lead rs componets, farnell etc maplin
very expsnsive, but amazing results. good job bro
Awesome but expensive...
Thanks, yes expensive, squeezebox is worth the money though, If the analog/ digital inputs are brought to the back of the case, it could double to play on your hifi
I would definitely do this since I have all the parts except the squeezebox3, but it's sooo expensive ($300). Can you put the prices in next to the product names?
Hi, after the festive haze, I've read your reply properly! You have the same case? If not which one do you have? regards Waldy
Hi, thanks, I would suggest purchasing second hand on ebay, so it's difficult to price. Put the product in ebay search & see what available. It took me a couple of years to get to this stage, with an early prototype, so I guess patience is the key. Maybe there are ways to cut costs. If you can get hold or or have a wired only squeezebox, you could run it via ethernet utp, or I have heared that you can add a mini pci wireless card (China ebay) Good luck with this.
Awesome, cool idea, I might do this if I can... Great Instructable! :-)
thanks, good luck & let me know how you get on
i love the wholl boom box and mash up here but wouldnt it just be easyer 2 hook up the squeez box 2 some nice external speakers by the way im a HUGE pandora user i use it all the time it is constanly playing whill im on the computer like now and i even have it on my igoogle page
Hi, forgot to mention, I use it in the kitchen when I'm cooking, in the study when I'm er.. working (sometimes), but more likely getting distracted by Instructables, and in the bathroom when I'm having a bath etc, so it had to be as compact as possible & easily portable.
Hi, I love Pandora too, I've heard that folk say it's music output is too 'same'e'. but I reckon its just limited by the users imagination. Love to get new music idea's there too. Just think, press of a favourite button & your playing Pandora's quick mix instantly, no computer required. Your quite right, adding a couple of speakers would be way easier & would certainly do the job. I wanted this to look smart though, as I take it out the house sometimes and be very robust. A lot of effort, granted, but I use it all the time now, & feel it was well worth it.

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