Picture of Panel Poster - Make Your Own Giant Posters
We wanted some ultra-giant posters around the lab. The costs and limitations were too much, so we created the Panel Poster. An inexpensive technique to create huge, professional-looking posters of any image you want using simple, raised, paper panels.

A Panel Poster is an image printed across multiple sheets of card stock and folded into panels measuring about 6.5 x 8.5 x 1/2 inches (16.5 x 21.6 x 1.27 cm). This allows you to produce large, custom posters at a fraction of the cost. The raised panel design gives the poster a professional appearance, is simple to install with our non-permanent, double-stick foam blocks, and panels can easily be replaced as needed.

This instructable shows you how to generate, print, and, build your panels. The instructable, How to install Panel Posters, shows you how to install, remove, and reuse panel posters.

Buy scoring, assembly, and mounting materials.
Learn more details on the project page.
See more pictures in our Panel Poster gallery.

Here's a 5:55 minute video showing how to build a panel.
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Step 1: Get Parts, Tools, and Materials

Picture of Get Parts, Tools, and Materials
For Printing
  • 110 lb, 8.5" x 11" (216mm x 279mm) white card stock (or similar)
  • Ruler
  • USB Thumb Drive (optional)
  • Access to a printer or a print service provider

For Building
  • Panel poster score guide (included in Starter Pack)
  • Double-stick tape strips (included in Starter Pack)
  • Hobby knife, scoring tool (or similar)
  • Scissors
  • Self healing mat (or similar)
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • Vinyl gloves (optional)
teganles3 months ago
yes, good tutorial. Something similar can be done also with this program. Not as a mosaic, but as a solid poster.
Anybodysguess made it!9 months ago

I made one, Great tutorial, and your starter pack price is very reasonable, if I ever decide to make another, I will definitely buy it. I made it with only 24 weight paper as that is all I had, it worked great, probably a little harder to work with, and if you tried to make one as colorful as yours would probably be a soggy mess. I printed this design as I was printing on my home printer and didn't want to use a ton of ink.

2014-06-19 13.24.09.jpg

Quater on wall for size referance.

laboratory424 (author)  Anybodysguess9 months ago

Impressive! I've never built one with 24 lb paper. Nice artwork by the way.

That looks really cool, thanks for sharing your project(s). how robust are they though? It seems like you might have to instal them in locations were people are not likely to be able to bash, bump or rub against them.
laboratory424 (author)  Dream Dragon2 years ago
They are sturdy enough to remove/replace as many times as needed, and can take mild rubbing and bumping without any noticeable damage. However, if someone tries to walk through your fake corridor panel poster they will get squished beyond repair. If that's the case, you simply print and build duplicates of the damaged panels and swap them out. Easy, cheap...watching someone walk into the panel poster, priceless (please post video). :)
dimtick2 years ago
This i really cool.
I did a project a few years ago where I took an old window, replaced the panes with mirrors and hung it as a dressing mirror. I think it would be very cool to use this method to mount a poster in the window. You wouldn't even want to remove the window panes, simply mount the posters behind so it's like your looking thru the window.