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Panettone, an Italian fruit bread traditionally served for Christmas and New Year's, makes a delicious and filling French Toast. And when sliced the wrong way, its presentation is perfect for a family breakfast, or brunch during the holidays. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a loaf of Panettone all year-round, it makes a really good breakfast anytime, but is an especially nice treat for the holidays.

Panettone French Toast can be served a multitude of ways. You can serve it simply with butter and maple syrup, spread with your favorite jam, topped with mixed berried and whipped cream, or with sauteed apples and vanilla yogurt, as I've detailed in this Instructable. Whichever way you choose to present your Panettone French Toast, I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!

Step 1: Prepare custard mixture

Picture of Prepare custard mixture
This recipe is extremely customizable to the number of people you need to serve. Per slice of Panettone French Toast, you will need:

 - 1 egg
 - 1/4 c. milk
 - 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
 - 1 tsp. sugar
 - 1 slice of Panettone(see next step)

In a pie pan, whisk together the egg, milk, cinnamon and sugar for one slice of french toast. It is very important to only mix the custard 1 slice at a time. Panettone is extremely absorbent, and will suck up ALL of the custard if you mix the entire batch at once. It is a little time-consuming, but totally worth it when you taste the end results.

louann.reed.57 months ago

I will try this ASAP! The Panettone went on sale at our grocers and I decided to buy some. Thanks for the recipe! Needed a good recipe to start the New Year! :)

krywen4 years ago
I've tried it today and it was acceptable (mistakes due to my faults!), but I'm not sure how to declare the apple cooked enough.
skyisblu (author)  krywen4 years ago
It's not really a question of cooking the apples, but of cooking the caramel sauce. If you cook the apples, butter and brown sugar over medium-high heat until the sauce is caramelized, the apples will be tender enough to serve. You don't have to worry too much about the doneness of the apples, since even if they are a little crunchy, they are still good.

Glad you enjoyed it!
krywen skyisblu3 years ago
After months of attempts I've mastered them it; It's fabulous.
This certainly is the best breakfast that can be brought to girlfriends in bed :D
skyisblu (author)  krywen3 years ago
I'm so glad that you stuck to it - and happy that you both enjoyed your breakfast! Merry Christmas!
CrLz4 years ago
Made this today (sans the toppings) - Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Zion_Sphere4 years ago
You know as usual this looks woohoo. But I spent a short while in japan and everywhere they had this obsession with french toast! Arghhhhh so sweet lol, but your pics look nice had to comment because french toast always looks so pretty, not my thing though but looking good :)
farzadbayan5 years ago
mmm...., nice and delicious !
HolyTracker5 years ago
THIS...IS...GREAT!!!!!! loved it, try it with pomegranate and mandarin orange. BTW your sauted apples recipe is great also. Fav´d and +1 vote.
skyisblu (author)  HolyTracker5 years ago
Love the pomegranate and mandarin orange suggestion - I will definitely have to try it next time I make this. So glad you enjoyed it!
kcls5 years ago
made this this morning, and it tastes great! 5 stars and +1 vote!
nybras665 years ago
I'm italian and I prefer PANDORO to Panettone. Pandoro have much butter (over 30%), no candieds and less sugar. I think that could taste better, especially whit kiwi, oranges or lemmons (and peanuts butter?)... ;)
BTW, here in Italy, Pandoro & Panettone can be found at special low price after jannuary few days, and have more than a year before they expires. So we use to gather some pieces and eat it every day for months. ;)
skyisblu (author)  nybras665 years ago
I agree, pandoro is also very good, and I look forward to it at Christmas, but I  don't think I could make that into french toast! Here in Canada, we have Italian shops that import Panettone all year-round, but usually just the more bread-like one with bits of candied peel in it. I think that variation works best for the french toast.
Some tests needed... :) anyway, thanks for your inspiring instructable.
Z..5 years ago
Wonderful stuff!

It makes the most decadent bread and butter pudding!
skyisblu (author)  Z..5 years ago
Wow, I never thought of trying Panettone in a bread pudding, but that sounds extremely good! Thanks for the suggestion, Z..
Jayefuu5 years ago
Wow that looks tasty. Nice pics!

skyisblu (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thank you!
Jayefuu Jayefuu5 years ago
(just noticed the empty plate, made me laugh :D )
idogis15 years ago
My family's Italian so Christmas means lots and lots of Panettone. December 26th is always awesome for this reason.
lemonie5 years ago
Oh, that looks great, I'll have to do that/this.