Introduction: Pan'ku Box (Jackie Chan Adventures)

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With all the props of Jackie Chan Adventures on my account, I had to create this one.

This is the Pan'ku Box from the Jackie Chan Adventures TV show

"The Pan'ku Box is a magical object, forged by the good magic of the Eight Immortals, that has the ability to open mystical portals between the dimension imprisoning the Demon Sorcerers and the human world."

Step 1: Print and Sand

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Print the files above, sand them and glue them together!

Step 2: Paint

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Sorry for the lack of images here...I will try to explain the best I can.

First, I spray paint everything in blue.

Next, I simply cover all the Pan'ku Box with painter tape. Then, I draw the shapes of the yellow forms that you can see. After that, I cut with and Xacto around theses shapes and "spray painted" them in yellow.

Next, with a brush, I painted the red forms and the fluorescent green at the top and the bottom of the box.

Step 3: Result

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I think the result is really cool and really close to the box in the show.

What I would have love to do is to be able to rotate it like a rubik cube (like in the show)...if someone have time to do this, I give to sketchup model.


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